Dual monitors with split audio help?


Nov 19, 2017
I'm new here so not sure where to post this but here goes. I've got a nvidia gtx 770 card and I would like to use a dual monitor setup. The card has an hdmi and displayport but my tv only has an hdmi port so I will be using a displayport to hdmi adapter. Now I want to have separate audio on my monitor and my tv to allow my brother to play games in the tv while I watch a movie on my monitor but can this be done if I connect a pair of usb headphones to my pc for the monitor sound and have separate sound for the tv speakers?
USB headphones are by itself an audio card, so you won't be able to use them to produce same sound output (unless you use additional software). If your PC has ordinary audio output (green jack), and your video player has the option to select the audio device, simple Y-splitter (to connect two 3.5mm headphones) will do for your movie nights.


Mar 30, 2017
wow thanks, that first app listed is exactly what I needed. Top notch, thank you. I play games with windows audio set to my headset then use that app to route sound to my tv for dual screens. Thanks so much
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