DVD's starting to perish


Aug 21, 2013
I bought the Roger Moore box set (region 2) containing all 7 of his Bond films. They've been fine for 2 years, but have recently started to ooze a sticky substance from within the disc onto the surface which made them unplayable. None of my other box sets have done this. I have been able to remove the sticky glue from the discs with a cloth dipped in soapy water and now the discs play again. It's 3 films that have been affected so far, the other 4 in the set look ok, touch wood. I have read on the net that several discs made by MGM a few years ago were prone to do this. Can I ask, will the movies stored on those 3 discs start to diminish over time, now this substance has oozed out of the disc. Was this glue used to keep the data safe on the disc? Or will my having to remove this substance make no difference in the long term? Hope it's the latter! I've emailed MGM but it's a USA contact. Does anyone know of a UK MGM contact? Thanks, Rich.
i have over 2000 different dvd movie disks and i've never heard of sticky secretions oozing out of disks and i've had some of them for 10 years.

do you store your disks in direct sunlight or are they exposed to chemicals or heat?

dvd disks should last practically forever provided they are stored in a cool dry place and never get scratched.

as far as what the issue is.. perhaps an anti scratch coating. i'm not sure since i've never heard of it.

i would get the dvd disks replaced. all of them. if mgm is not willing to deal with you and if it is legal to copy dvd disks in your country for backup reasons only (eg for home use only for a disk you bought) then i would make a backup copy in case the original goes bad.

i cant say whether the disk will be fine or not but its not worth waiting to find out.