Dvl 909 tray stuck



hay I have a dvl 909 and the tray is stuck

I tried shaking it, but that did not thing

anyone have any tips ?


Jul 20, 2012
May be a really old thread, but i will offer my advice to help anyone else that has experienced this problem.

Mine does the same thing,
Take a butter knife or other flat object, hit the eject button, place the knife in the top of the door to pry it open just enough to get a grab on it

Gently pull the door down as help the tray move up, as you get it all the way down the tray should pop out.

or mine does anyway.

Hope it helps

Iv taken the unit apart and oiled everything with machine oil, still doesnt open like it should, im thinking about putting a little light weight knob on the door to keep from using a knife,

maybe put heat up the end of a tack and push it through the plastic, bend the metal end and super glue it to be sure it holds.

not the best method but should work fine