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    Laserdisc options with HD

    Hi all, After reading pretty much this entire forum, I see I should have thought through how I was going to deal with my LDs a bit more. But here I am today with a decent HDTV by RCA, an Onkyo TX727 and a Pioneer CLD-626. I am trying to decide on what the best solution is that isn't too...
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    Pioneer DVl-909

    How can I open the LD tray without power?
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    Will a 2160p hdmi cable make any difference to current 3d blue ray players

    Hello, Just got a samsung smart 3d blue ray player. I have read that 3d can max output in 580p - but sends out in 2 x 580p to give a max of 1080p but shows as 580 only. To overcome this if you have a hdmi cable of 2160p will this mean that you can show 3d in full 1080p. Long question maybe...
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    Copying/converting LD to PC and/or DVD

    How can I copy or convert LaserDisc to PC and/or DVD
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    RE: Pioneer laserdisc cld-v2600

    I just purchased a Pioneer CLD-V2600 LaserDisc Player on eBay. The seller stated that it "works". I plugged it in and the platter opened up immediately. Next I noticed that the display was only partially lit, then after a couple of minutes, the display went black and the standby light lit up...
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    Where to sell an RCA CED player/discs?

    I'm in Moscow (ID). A friend has asked if I might help her sell a player w/ about 80 discs that she 'inherited' after her dad died recently. I barely recall the things, let alone know much about them. Is there a collector's club or any particular shop that handles these? I'd really rather not...
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    Pioneer CLD-900

    :o pioneer CLD-900 was working fine til'I nabbed a sweet deal on a 200 laserdisc collection. Now she whirs and scratches or maybe more accurately ,burns the disc. Purchased in Japan in 82 and rarely used. Held on to it because I had about a few rare rock R&B and jazz concert disc. Any...
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    Pioneer cld-d515 disc will not turn

    Hi there My CLD-D515 is accepting both CD and LD, but does'nt start to play. Instead ist shows the U1 message (disc not loaded correctly ...). I tried several different discs, the result is always the same. Are there any hints how to solve the problem? Thanks Rolf
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    One LD-S9 in need for TLC

    Hello, Yes, I am the "happy" owner of a Pioneer LD-S9. "Happy" only because it started to show signs of old age: It does not play the end of side two (actually the end of the side after the laser pickup has changed sides) of almost all my LDs (sometimes gives me an "E3" error code) and more...
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    Pioneer CLD-v2400 LaserDisc player won't play

    I just got a free used laserdisc player and it powers just fine and loads disks. I press play and i hear the reader move, but it won't play. I took the top of the case off and i noticed the disk doesn't even move! What's wrong? I really want it to work! :o
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    Just purchased an MCA DiscoVision PR-7820

    Got a MCA Discovision PR7820 from 1979 off of Ebay. The machine powers up and lights up. I've confirmed Coaxial connection to two TVs....yet both TVs do not detect an outgoing video signal. The discs are detected and do spin Checked the VDP selector and it indicates that it is set to VDP...
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    Broken Pioneer CLD-D515

    So, I (somewhat foolishly?) on a whim bought a broken CLD-D515 Laserdisc player off eBay, just because I think Laserdiscs seem pretty cool. Reading the description, it sounded to me like it was an internal fuse/power supply capacitor problem (symptom being no activity whatsoever when you try to...
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    No video or audio with HDMI from laptop to home theatre

    I have a Sony BDVE780W home theatre system and a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop. The home cinema system works perfectly for everything, including when I connect my PS3 to HDMI input. But when I use the same cable and input to connect to my laptop I dont get any video or audio. Also when I connect my...
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    Pioneer cld-d925 serivice manual

    Hello, Where can I find a Pioneer CLD-D925 service manual? (It's a combined CD and LD player by Pioneer, 1997.) I've clicked on the "RelatedContent" on this web site which listed this service manual, but I was just brought to more questions. Again, how can I find the manual itself so that...
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    Cld-d925 service manual

    Has anybody have a copy of the service manual for a Pioneer CLD-D925 Laser disc Player? Thanks.
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    Dvl 909 tray stuck

    hay I have a dvl 909 and the tray is stuck I tried shaking it, but that did not thing anyone have any tips ?
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    Pioneer laserdisc e0 display

    pls. help. I'm getting EO display on my pioneer laserdisc. trays wont open.
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    Hello, Does any body have a operators manual for set up and discription of unit, I need one scaned, or a copy sent to me by fax or E-MAIL. I will be happy to pay for your time. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE. JSCHAVEZ@COX.NET Thanks The BEAR
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    PIONEER CLD-D925 Help.

    Hi, I recently bought a CLD-D925 LD player and upon arrival have found that the little bracket (I think its called a VNL1700 M HOLDER) that is attached to the motor to move it along the track on the bottom is completely broken and the cogs were loose. Determined to fix the thing, I managed to...
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    Laserdisc player forums

    HI. I have a Pioneer CLD D701 Up till now, its played perfectly with perfect picture. Recently though, when plsying Side A, the picture is warbly with waves going across it. But Side B still plays picture perfect. Any thoughts on cause and fix? Thanx in advance.
  22. E

    Pioneer CLD D701

    Hi. I have a CLD D701. It had been working perfectly with sweet picture. Of a sudden though, Side A picture gets warbly with waves going across it, while Side B still plays crystal clear. Any thoughts on cause and fix? I'm not a tech-oriented gal, so any help is appreciated. Thanx so much.
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    Solved! Pioneer DVL-909

    Hi, I'm looking into buying a Pioneer DVL-909 Laserdisc player. In the description the seller says that S-video is for laserdiscs and Component connections are for DVDs. Is this true? If i have the player connected with only component cables I wont get a picture while playing a laserdisc...
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    Solved! MCA PR-7820 Cables?

    Hello expert people! I just picked up one of these laser disc players. I would love to get this working! Only thing is it is just the unit and power cord, with remote control. Is there a place to get all the cables I need to get this thing running? Will it hook up to a normal current day TV...
  25. fozzit

    Pioneer laserdisc player pickup clicking

    Hi, I have a Pioneer CLD-D515 LD Player that has been working just fine since 1997! However the last time I used it was a few months ago and again it worked just fine with no errors. However I recently went to switch the play on and it remains in standby and I can here a clicking sound. I...
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    Solved! Laser Discs

    My Laser Disc player only has S Video and composite outputs. How can I play my laser discs on the digital TV's that only have HDMI and component (RGB) inputs?
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    Solved! Pioneer CLD-V820 LaserKaraoke player

    I have a Pioneer CLD-V820 LaserKaraoke player and when playing a standard CD the CD sticks to the spindle and will not drop into the tray upon trying to exit. Thank you for any help on this. Also the tray seems to stick when turned on for the first time but after it goes through the open close...
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    CLD-D504 "No Disc"

    My CLD-D504 shows "NO DISC" when an LD or CD is inserted
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    Solved! Do Laser discs transfer to macs?

    Hiya. Can anyone tell me the best way to digitise my laser disc collection, onto DVD or onto a mac. Is it do-able? I can easily get the sound from a laserdisc straight into Audacity, and thence to itunes if I want to, but how do I do the video signal? I'm missing something somewhere? Thanks...
  30. Y

    Pioneer CLK-V900

    I have a combination Pioneer karoake player in a solid cabinet, it has not been used for some time it is complete with 2 or 3 mikes and we have about 20 laser discs that we would like to sell. I would like to know if anyone is interested, where I can sell the equipment, and what sort of price I...
  31. T

    Solved! Problem with Pioneer drawer sticking

    I just bought a Pioneer CLD-D501 as a backup player in my garage. Although the seller claimed he'd had it working recently, the drawer mechanism is jammed. The problem appears to be with the lateral carriage that lifts the center spindle out of the way of the disc drawer. This carriage has two...
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    Solved! How much are laserdisc worth

    Hi have a laserdisc player from1970 still works much is it worth
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    Pioneer DVL-700. Disc tray won't eject..

    So I got this DVL-700 LD/DVD player. The DVD player tray will open, but the LD will not eject, without a good tap (I'll get to that in a minute). When I press the eject button, it starts moving around like it is preparing, then you hear this very loud grinding noise, like something is stuck...
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    No sound on blue ray disc

    Hello, have a blue ray disc player ,Panasonic ,will play sound on some BR disc but can only get sound on others with the commentary i`m playing through a panasonis sound system with an optical link between the BR player and the sound system. any ideas.
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    Divx HD and Divx HD plus

    Hi. I went to a store and looked at a DVD player. The salesman told me that the player in question plays Divx HD. What is Divx HD? Is it the mkv format? What's the difference between Divx HD and Divx HD plus? Thank you in advance
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    Pioneer HLD X9/X0

    Hi Everyone I don't know if this is stupid of me, but i am looking for a Pioneer HLD X9 or Pioneer HLD X0 in New condition, low used/mint/complete or brand new in box. If anyone knows or wants to sell let me know. Tank you everyone
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    Solved! Pioneer laserdisc player problem

    Hello, my player does not recognize any of the discs. It says "No Disc".
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    Laserdisc remotes

    Hi, I recently bought my first LDisc player, but with it came no remote. My player is a pioneer LDV-320, and I would like to hav it for convenience, among other things. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.
  39. L

    Pioneer cld 1700 analogue sound

    Good day, I have a pioneer cld-1700. Inserted a LD [VD CB01 02] flashing video say: analogue disc - no sound and then play the movie without soundtrack. I have connected this unit with analogue connectors to TV (no scart) and with optical cable to ampli:why doesn't can be hear at least from TV...
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    Solved! Pioneer CLD-V101 disk tray wont come up

    :fou: First the power button broke. Fixed that although power stays on all the time. Disk tray came out, went back in. Now it won't open.
  41. X

    Pioneer CLD-D606 Flashing Lights

    Hello, I just got a Pioneer CLD-D606 and when turned on the standby and quick turn buttons flash intermittently. The display seems to be working normally as it shows the side A logo and 0 0:00 as well as chapter numbers. All the buttons are unresponsive, however. Any idea what's wrong?
  42. I

    Buying a Laserdisc player

    Hi I am interested in picking up a Laserdisc player, mainly as a 'retro' gadget really as I know there are better editions of films out these days on DVD/Blu-Ray etc, but there are still lots of cult titles on Laserdisc and VHS that have never been released on DVD so thats the main sort of...
  43. S

    Adult Laser Disc

    I recently acquired a bunch of adult laserdisc from my friends video storage archive. Where would I be able to get a rough estimate of the value of some of these disc? Thank you for any input.
  44. A

    Denon LA2300A

    Hi, ive just bought a Denon LA2300A from ebay described as fully working, arrived today and its clearly not, apart from the plug terminals wired in the wrong positions (thankfully i checked first) the tray will not open, cd and ld buttons just flash, E3 is displayed on the players display, also...
  45. G

    Laser pickup for enlightend audio design t 8000 transport

    hello there, my ead t 8000 reads ld but wont take cd's, i think its pioneer based, probably the pick up needs to be replaced!,what model is it?where can i get it?,thanks
  46. A

    Which voltage suppressor diode can i use on power supply board?

    I have a cld-d505 which "someone" plugged into the wrong socket and it blew the fuse. I've replaced the fuse and it still blows. After some research it seems that the transient voltage suppressor diode must be replaced as well and then it will operate again as long as nothing else is blown on...
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    New to LaserDisc

    Hi, I'm new to these forums and new to LaserDisc. I have a few LD's of my favourite movies but right now they're just for display on my shelf. lol I love those huge covers. I want to purchase a LaserDisc player in the next couple of months but I'm not sure which is the best to get. Multi...
  48. MaxC

    HeNe Player Shipping Screw

    I realllllly need to know what kind of screw to put into the shipping screw hole in a VP-1000. I don't want this one to break in transit, that would be really terrible. Someone has to know something about this.. Please!!
  49. C

    Solved! Pioneer CLD-79 Error Code

    Hello, anyone have or know the error codes for this unit? Here is the problem I'm having... The unit powers on. Plays CD's, but not LD's. When I put in a LD, any disc, it pulls it in, loads it up, spins around all like normal, then stops and an error code of "P6" displays on the screen. I...
  50. G

    Solved! Blue-ray media player

    Hello, Is there a blue-ray player that will play my .avi movies?
  51. G

    Laser Disc Players

    Hello, where can i purchase a new or refurbished ld player or get one fixed?
  52. P

    Laserdisc CLD-97 spins but no play, please help!

    I just purchased a Pioneer CLD-97 from ebay, and ofcurse, with my luck, is not woking! it plays cds fine, but when I insert a laserdisc and hit play, I can see the LD spining, I can hear the laser moving up and down, but nothing, then the LD slows down a little, it speeds up a little, it slows...
  53. A

    Is a DIY laserdisc player a possibility with COTS parts?

    Is a DIY laserdisc player a possibility with COTS (commercial off the shelf) parts? I've looked on the web for something like this and all i find are people who have made their own cd players from scratch. Is this something even remotely possible with a laserdisc player? I know many would...
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    Cld-d605. Use s-video adapter -->composite or s-video-->SCART ?

    I'm sure this information is out there somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Is there a better way to do this than the method I am using currently? I have a CLD-D605 laserdisc player. I bought it 2 weeks ago. Why? I don't know really. It sounded cool. So far I have to say it is pretty...
  55. C

    Help With Panasonic AG-LD20 Laser Disc Player

    Just purchased a used (obviously) Panasonic AG-LD20 Laser Disc Player. The manual I purchased online was like 2 pages long and didn't answer my question... Can someone help me identify and set the 8 switches in the back correctly, so that I will get the clearest audio and video?
  56. K

    Solved! LaserDisc Pioneer VP 1000 Shipping Screw

    I need instructions from someone on the proper way to ship a laserdisc player. I'd appreciate it. I don't want to risk damaging it in transit. I know that I need a shipping screw but can someone tell me the size? length of the screw? size of the washer? and how tight it need to be? Any help or...
  57. K

    Quality Pioneer CLD-1750 & DVL-V888

    I just started my Laserdisc collection and have purchased 2 Laserdisc players. The Pioneer CLD-1750 and Pioneer DVL-V888. Can't really find information about the quality of these 2 players and for me these 2 are just fine. But how do they compare to other players and did I bought good laserdisc...
  58. MaxC

    Pioneer VP-1000

    I was wondering if anyone has a VP-1000 they would be willing to sell. Or if anyone knows of where I could find one. I need a player that can play my DiscoVision discs. Thanks!
  59. G

    Manual Needed

    Looking for mdp-650
  60. D

    How can I clean the laser drive of my TV HD

    My TV HD with a brand name, westinghouse, was with us for 2 years now and the problem is when we are viewing a DVD it operates ok for 1.15 hrs then it stop. I used the cleaner dvd to clean the drive and laser lense but it resulted the same. Can please help.