One LD-S9 in need for TLC

the French one

Jul 28, 2012

Yes, I am the "happy" owner of a Pioneer LD-S9. "Happy" only because it started to show signs of old age: It does not play the end of side two (actually the end of the side after the laser pickup has changed sides) of almost all my LDs (sometimes gives me an "E3" error code) and more recently, I lost the signal from the digital coax output. Other than that, happy :D
I live in France where LDs have never been very popular (not as much as in the USA) so I've got no help from the repair shop (just "Pioneer does not produce spare parts anymore"...EOL). So, all your ideas, suggestions... will be more than welcome :)



Laser Disks were not very popular anywhere, I remember seeing them for sale for a bit but very briefly. Not much you can do except look for a working unit to replace yours.