Denon LA2300A


Apr 1, 2010
Hi, ive just bought a Denon LA2300A from ebay described as fully working, arrived today and its clearly not, apart from the plug terminals wired in the wrong positions (thankfully i checked first) the tray will not open, cd and ld buttons just flash, E3 is displayed on the players display, also what looks like a motor is floating around in the bottom somewhere and one of the plastic pieces that changes the side of the laser is snapped, im livid to say the least but does anyone have any suggestions as im not 2 familiar with laserdisc players, Thanks, Andy.


Oct 23, 2009
That sucks. I would purchase another of the exact same model and use the one you have now for backup parts. I guess if you wanted you could try to glue the plastic piece back together with the proper glue. I'm no glue expert but I know there are some made especially for gluing plastic back together. If the motor that has broken loose is the spindle motor I wouldn't even bother with fixing the unit unless you can find an expert to repair it. From what I've heard the spindle motor height is critical and can't really be adjusted by someone who doesn't know what they are doing. This model is supposedly a clone of the cld-d515 so maybe you can find the parts on the pioneer replacement parts webpage.