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Apr 7, 2002
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

i am located in Mannheim (near Heidelberg) an have for sale a big
quantity of laserdisc games.
These discs are ready to be played with DAPHNE and the Euro Arcade
Machines with a specially made card to control the player, made by an
Italian Matteo Marioni.
Of course these games are playable with the interfaces and the software
i still have (Software Corner - LDG GmbH).
The right of reproduction of the software and the interfaces are
included (I am the copyright owner and former developer).
The Amiga and Atari Interfaces are very cheap to reproduce (about 4
Euro a piece).
Just connect an Amiga to your LD Player (CLD 1600, CLD 1500, CLD 2600
and all players with control in) load the Floppy Disc and start

The Dragons Lair and Thayers Quest laserdiscs are full compatible with
Daphne. Please have a look at :
"F: Kann ich eine Software Corner Dragon´s Lair oder Space Ace
Laserdisc mit DAPHNE verwenden ?
A: Ja. "
or in english :
"Q: Can I use a Software Corner Dragon's Lair or Space Ace disc with
A: Yes."

The second information i have got from a well known collector was that
these laserdiscs are compatible with the Euro Arcade Machines with a
specially made card to control the player, made by an Italian Matteo


Dragons Lair 150 pieces (PAL)
Thayers Quest double sided 50 pieces (PAL)

Thayers Quest RDI 50 single sided NTSC

Firefox NTSC 2 pieces

Strippoker 1 (NTSC)
Strippoker 2 (NTSC)
Astron Belt (NTSC)
Dragons Lair (NTSC) Japanese

Prototype Discs:
LDG ltd PAL Dragons Lair
LDG ltd PAL Thayers Quest
Dragons Lair NTSC
AUE Dragons Lair (PAL)

200 brand new boxed LDG flyers

20 infrared acryl glass game controlers for LDG Games (PV version)
20 C 64 (Commodore) game controlers cable
20 Amiga 500 game controlers cable
all for the above mentioned Pal Laserdiscs Dragons Lair and Thayers
Of course Software is included

and a lot more

All Laserdiscs are brand new,unopened, original sealed and vacuum
packed. There are some laserdiscs left opened for testing purposes.

So if you are interested in the whole lot or a part of it please make
an offer.

Of course there are lot more

Just have a look at my collectors page at the Dragons LAir Project
website, all items listed there are for sale

Best regards from Germany


P.S.: you can find a part of my items for sale on the following URL:


Aug 20, 2012

Do you have a space ace disc available?
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