Best monitor type for LD in 2009 ?


Nov 12, 2009
Hello, Resuscitated our pioneer Ld player to dip into a neglected library of 200 lasers purchased in the nineties. Many rare, foreign, arthouse titles. Anyway, got the player going only to find that the lasers look very "digital" and checker-boarded on a Sony bravia monitor. On the old trinitron crt screen these same laserdiscs looked like photography, not computer images. What's up with this, and is there a new Monitor Of Choice (thinking perhaps plasma) for users still interested in their laserdisc libraries ? Thanks for all thoughts, laser fan


Nov 18, 2006
LD is still analog. The highest quality analog connection is component cable. How big was the trinitron vs the bravia. The size only exacerbate the problem. The LCD perform best with digital input because the output is digital. A CRT is analog. Alot of the LCD does a poor job in the analog to digital conversion. In addition, you need an up-conversion circuit and TV dont do that. You will not find a solution with plasma-it's also digital. It's better to find a home theater receiver with analog to digital up-conversion. Plug your LD into the receiver then to TV.