RE: Pioneer laserdisc cld-v2600


Oct 29, 2012
I just purchased a Pioneer CLD-V2600 LaserDisc Player on eBay. The seller stated that it "works". I plugged it in and the platter opened up immediately. Next I noticed that the display was only partially lit, then after a couple of minutes, the display went black and the standby light lit up. I loaded a laserdisc and tapped the platter and it slid closed. None of the buttons seem to work including the Power button. It would not come out of standby.

I unplugged it and let it sit a few minutes while I tried to locate a user manual online, which I did, but at last nothing in the user manaul gave me a hint of what to do. I then plugged it back in and now the display panel displayed the "LD" lit, but it would not play. Then after a couple of minutes it went back to standby. I do not have it hooked up to my TV yet. I wanted to be sure it functioned properly first. Does it make a difference if it is hooked up to the TV? I wouldn't think so.

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if there is a real problem with the unit and I should just send it back.

Thank you,