Oct 6, 2021
I installed windows 10 PRO and I believe it had windows 8 on it

But now when I try to enter either bios or anything really from the point i turn it on it keeps restarting. I will do a the next test today where I disconnect the battery and then try using the AC adapter only then also remove the bios battery and so forth.

But has anyone ever had an issue like this.

I literally can not boot from usb or even enter bios. I can even close the laptop and it still rebooting itself its like it just going crazy as this point

I need some advise

  1. Cant load into windows or anything of the sort
  2. Cant load into bios ( if I do its like for 10 seconds )

I am thinking the processor is overheated or the battery is no good but I plugged in the ac adapter with the battery still attached or should I remove the battery first to check
If the processor is overheated, the laptop case will likely be pretty warm. Is that happening? Are the fans running?

I assume you tried to hold down the power button for 20 seconds are so to force a hard reset.

When you say you can't stay is BIOS, do you mean it enters the BIOS and then reboots after 10 seconds? When in the BIOS, can you move the cursor around with the arrow keys?

I see little to be gained by pulling the battery at this point (especially the BIOS battery). Poking around inside is just asking for more issues.