Earbuds louder than gaming headset!


Sep 6, 2011
Hey guys. So I got this Creative Fatal1ty headset today. Excited, I tried them on and they were amazingly comfortable.

Imagine my shock when they were so quiet! My Apple Earbuds, which I always use for gaming, are VERY noticeably louder. I remember this happening when I used my Turtle Beach X31 and X41 headsets on my computer and the earbuds were louder. What's up with this? How can cheapo earbuds be louder than a damn gaming headset? Please advise.
what is the resitance (ohms) of the gaming headset?

i know in the case of high resistance studio headphones that you might hear barely a whisper or no sound at all because the device can not power the drivers. perhaps this is coming into play. earbud drivers are small and so require very little power. naturally they will be louder (to a degree) if you are power-limited.

also keep in mind that sound headphones (though not apple earbuds) form a seal with your ear which means they can "sound louder" while in all actuality aren't.

another factor may be that perhaps you aren't getting enough power to drive the headphones because the port on the pc just isnt providing the juice (defective? load elsewhere?) do the test below.

have you tried with a different device? try using an mp3/cd player as a backup test. if available try using a different computer as a second test.


i personally use a pair of studio headphones (audio technica ath-m50's) with (if i remember correctly) around a 35ohm resistance. i can crank those headphones up on a mp3 player or pc to ear-bleed levels. a very good set of headphones if i may say so.