ebay gaming machine/laptop


Nov 21, 2013
I'm looking for a new to me,ebay gaming laptop,I'm a dell,hp laptop repair tech so replacing a video card etc isn't a big deal.I want a laptop to replace my acer 5230e that was in my car during a 120 mph impact;it's still working!I bearly am but it is!props acer.anyhow I don't have room for a desktop and if i did i'd build it.
Ok back to my question,what is a mid to top of the line gamer from a couple years ago(should sell cheap)sager,asus,i've seen some alienware in my price range.
Is this good specs to look for or can i go lower?
14" screen
4GB memory
i5 cpu
don't know what are good gpu/graphics cards to look for.
what else do I need?