Edit a photo

I just did a very quick edit in Photoshop, I was not sure of how thoroughly it must be.
Perhaps some other can do it better.
Best regards from Sweden

Btw. I like this one from Maggi
What photo editor software are you using?

Should be able to just copy a portion of the table cloth and overlay/paste it into the white area.

You may need to go into the details to smooth the edges to hide the paste - should be quite doable with most photoediting software.

My elephant would probably be deemed tipsy as well.....

Thankfullly the good thing is that you can work on copies until you achieve the look you want.

It is more art than science in some ways but you have to know the tool(s). And practice.

I tend to end up with a jigsaw puzzle look.

Flyfisherman (+1) responded and did his edit on your photograph faster than I could type.

That is a skill level I would like to have.



May 29, 2012

No not at all.
I'm not that skilled as you think, but I was a little bit short of time.
A few trix however:
In Adobe Photoshop > open the image > create a new layer > work with that layer > Ctrl + to zoom in very hard > use the Cloning stamp > mark the area > clone it > brush it > Ctrl + 0 to get i down before the zooming and check > save as .png without any compression (no distortion to the original image).
That's what I did.

A professional photo editor will of corse curse me for this...hehe.

But I can strongly recommend the free and very powerful equivalent to Adobe Photoshop: GIMP

Almost everything done in Photoshop can be done in Gimp. And it is totally free.
Another thing: the basics are the same in both or in any photo editor s/w.
You are working with layers, tools, effects etc. at the very same way.
There are no difference in that. The menus are different or else the same thing -basically.

Gimp - Tutorials
On the net You will find how much tutorials as you want for free.
Example: 20 fantastic GIMP tutorials to get you from beginner to pro
Ps. sometimes that site will have a little bit slow connection speed...

Best regards from Sweden ;)