Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 Lamp Issue


Dec 18, 2013
I've had the Epson 8350 for about three years now and until now it has worked perfectly. I moved this past month and brought the projector with me. After finally getting it set up, it worked fine, but the image was quite dim. I used it that night and it worked the entire night and then I shut it down. The next time I turned it on and tried to use it, this happened:

- The power light fades on and off for a few minutes.
- After a few minutes, the power light stops flashing, the fans/cooling get loud, and the lamp light flashes red forever.

I looked in the manual, and it says that this means that it is time to replace the projector lamp. However, after talking to two Epson representatives, both said that it should not be dying out this soon, and recommended that I clean the air filter/and or 're-seat' the lamp (take out the lamp & housing and put it back in). I have cleaned the air filter multiple times and have re-seated the lamp twice. Neither solution worked.

I realize that the issue could be that the lamp is out, but the fact that this happened right after I moved (and it has been moved around a bit) combined with the fact that both representatives did not think that the lamp should have gone out yet makes me think that it might not be the issue. I want to try everything before I spend $300 on the Epson replacement lamp.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try/what the problem might be?

In my experience three years is long enough that it could be the lamp. Even if your hours are low it could still happen. The move may even have loosened the lamp filament and it came off when used. This would be evident if you examine the lamp.
Your option would be to send it back to Epson service and they will be able to determine if it was the lamp or not for sure. Its an excellent projector and Epson will not kill you on the repair.