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  1. TheDudeAdibes

    Solved! HDMI source not supported on Epson Projector.

    Hi folks, Hoping someone can help. There appears to be some knowledgeable people on here. I have a Yamaha RX-V673 receiver. It has a Amazon Fire TV, android box and PS4 going into HDMI inputs. The HDMI output is linked to a TV. All works perfectly. I recently added an Epson EB-W39 HD...
  2. A

    Finding out the differences between different Epson Projector models

    I've got some ELPLP58 projector lamps which appear to be brand new. I'd like to buy a projector to use them in, but it seems like there are a fair few models which used this lamp. This includes the EB-S9, EB-X9 and EB-W9 (and -S/-X/-W10 etc etc). Does anyone know what the difference between...
  3. J

    Home Theater Help

    I am trying to set up a home theater system and need assistance. I have a Epson Home Cinema 2150 Projector and I am trying to hook up a Samsung 5.1 CH Blu Ray Home Entertainment System HT-J5500W. I was told only an HDMI would be needed but I have tried two different cables and the projector...
  4. J

    Solved! Audio needed to surround sound system from Epson Eb-x41 projector

    Hi I just purchased my hubby a projector Epson x41 but it only has audio out.. No Bluetooth or headphone jack. He is wanting sound to our surround system but it seems impossible with no audio in?? Any help gratefully received... We have chromecast but this doesn't help with the audio... Thank...
  5. V

    Solved! Epson 4010 projector sony bdvn5200w no sound

    I recently got epson 4010 projector. Trying to connect this to sony bdvn5200w home theater system so that i can get audio out from the sony system. The sony system has 2 hdmi in and 1 hdmi out arc and 1 optical audio port. The projector has 2 hdmi ports. No optical port. I am mainly planning to...
  6. L

    Solved! Connect hdmi to Epson 822+

    I am trying to connect an Amazon fire stick to an Epson 822+ projector. The research I have done show that you can connect a fire stick with an adapter to the VGA port, or possibly a separate adapter through the AV Jack. Anybody have any experience with this? Looking for some suggestions into...
  7. R

    Solved! which movie formats can i play through usb stick in usb drive of epson 5650 projector ?

    I have Epson Projector model 5650
  8. P

    Best video projector + screen - under 800€

    Hello, I hope you are fine! I am looking forward the best options for video projector in a budget limited to 800€. Use: -watching movies, playing games, TV... For home, in a living room (small room) I need: remote control, VGA, HDMI, USB, audio RCA, full HD (if possible 4K) Actual set up -...
  9. K

    Solved! No audio. Dish box, Pioneer receiver (VSX-321) and an Epson projector connected by HDMI cables

    Have a set up consisting of a Dish box connected to Pioneer receiver VSK-321) connected to Epson projector by HDMI cables that was working. Suddenly, the audio has stopped. It will come on sometimes and go off all by itself. Any ideas on what could be the problem? This is driving me crazy...
  10. M

    Solved! Epson BRIGHTLINK-697UI Audio problem

    Hello All, I have an audio output problem with the Epson Smart Projector Epson BRIGHTLINK-697UI. After all the trying I have decided that problem is not coming from the laptop or the cable (hdmi) i am using, so either the projector has audio problem or there is a settings I didn't try yet on...
  11. N

    Telstra TV set up

    Hi I have tried to set up my Epson projector with new Telstra TV box. I have picture but no sound. I have tried using a switch box without luck. The sound is normally through a pioneer surround sound system. Any clues on what I can use? Back of Telstra box has 1 X HDMI, power plug and ethernet...
  12. S

    Printer screen says "Recovery Mode" Now what? Epson WF 2660

  13. A

    My HP laptop doesn't connect with my Epson Short throw projector

    I need help to connect my laptop to projector was working before but stopped suddenly no signal How can I connect it again
  14. B

    Solved! epson 3020 lamp problem

    hi, ihave 3020 epson projector. the start light is continuasly blinking , i replaced lamp but it is still blinking, any idea?
  15. P

    Connecting Ipad to home theater and Epson projector

    I can connect ipad/iphone to Epson Home cinema 1040 for video display by using lightning to HDMI converter/cable. Now I want to use my Home theater system-Harman Kardon ( BDS 5 Blu ray) for sound. Harman has only one HDMI port. If I connect a HDMI cable (which need to be bought) from Harman to...
  16. B

    Solved! Epson scanner does not communicate with usb-3 ports

    epson es-200 can't connect to usb-3 ports on HP Spectre/360 windows 10. Tried everything including adding app to firewall, deleting app, reinstalling app and driver . Also tried modifying power settings in the hope that would do the trick. No updates available on HP site to Bios or usb drivers...
  17. C

    How do you connect an Epson Projector to a Vizio Soundbar & Laptop for Streaming?

    I am needing to use a vizio sound bar with an epson projector and laptop for projectiong videos. I have figured out how to make it work using bluetooth on the laptop to connect the laptop to the soundbar and then connecting the laptop to the projector with the USB-B for the display. The only...
  18. V

    Connect my tv to projector

    Trying to connect my tv to Epson projector
  19. O

    How do I avoid switching the optical audio cable from my cable box to my DVD

    My sound bar has a single optical audio in. I run an HDMI cable from my cable box to my Epson HD Digital Projector, I also run an optical audio cable from the cable box to my sound bar. When using my DVD player, I have to physically move the optical audio cable from my cable box to my DVD player...
  20. A

    Epson 705HD to sound system and Cable box

    Hi, I just got an Epson 705HD projector. Unfortunatly I haven’t been able to figure out how to get the audio to come through my Sony sounds system (AV-System RM-ADP004) which also is a DVD player. The back of the Projector has the following ports: 1 HDMI 1 S-Video White and red Audio jacks 1...
  21. H

    Solution for Epson EH-TW6700W

    Hi, I bought an Epson EH-TW6700W. It came with a wireless transmitter. I have made the setup. I have connected my Playstation, DVD player and laptop through the transmitter and connection without cables are perfectly fine. The sound is coming from the projector"s speakers. However, I have a...
  22. J

    Hooking 2 new projectors Epson Pro G7100 and need help incorporating computer through digital soundboard

    I was just reading your post in response to Dylan13. I am doing sound at our church and we just bought 2 new projectors. We currently are using VGA and analog audio to run sound through the mixer board from the computer. But now we are planning HDMI to 4K 1x4 HDMI switch to Cat6 via baluns...
  23. A

    How to diagnose? Bought 4 rokus, and none work with Epson projector and Onkyo receiver

    My receiver is the Onkyo TX-SR3.3 5.1 My projector is an Epson PowerLite 1261W My Rokus have been a Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku XD and Roku XS (plus a sony smart tv box that didn't work) What steps should I take to diagnose the issue? First I thought I had bad Rokus, so I...
  24. J

    Epson Powerlite Blue Screen 3LCD

    After tipping projector upside down and sideways picture became washed in deep blue or purple. Tried repeating tipping and I heard something sliding inside that sound a lot like a glass lens or sheet. The picture returned to normal as I heard the sound. Could this be something to do with the...
  25. V

    Projector sound to soundbar

    Kindly show me the light on below issue. How to connect Yamaha 207 soundbar to epson 3500 projector?
  26. E

    VGA projector ( Epson EB X02) connecged to S8 via EZ cast - NO SOUND

    vga projector audio conversion : I have an old school classroom projector ( Epson EB X02) whicih I have connected up via VGA to a convertor which then goes via USB into my new Samsung S8... I thought the hard bit would be to get the image from new phone to old projector but I managed it and...
  27. C

    How do I connect epson 2045 to surround sound with wireless hdmi?

    Looking for help on how to connect epson 2045 to denon receiver with iogear wireless hdmi
  28. C

    Having issues with my Epson 2040

    I recently purchased an Epson PowerLite 2040 projector and have been having some issues with it. a week ago I was using it and the bulb randomly turned off, followed by a few seconds delay and the projector stopping, showing a flashing blue light on the power LED, and a flashing orange light on...
  29. M

    Connecting Epson 3100 projector to Sony E3100 home theater system - no sound

    I believe i sent this to the incorrect forum. Connecting my new Epson 3100 projector to my new Sony E3100 HTS - no sound I confirmed that there is audio coming out of the projector 3.5mm audio output (used another speaker) then plugged audio cable(split - single 3.5 on one end and two plugs -...
  30. R

    how to connect an Epson projector to a bluray player and a boombox?

    how to connect an Epson projector to a bluray player and a boombox?
  31. I

    slow video play on epson projectors

    Dear all, I have a couple of Epson Projectors EB-31X and Smart projectors Epson BrightLink 595Wi. all of them have Epson Wireless LAN Unit ELPAP10 to connect without cables. the problem is when playing videos, it is very slow, (slow motion) . i also tried to connect the with USB cable, but i...
  32. N

    troubleshooting why my VGA cable on newer laptop works with new epson projector but will not work (no signal) when plugged int

    VGA cable to new Epson projector works in only one of 2 laptops
  33. G

    Epson Vs. Canon Vs. HP Printers: Who Makes the Best All-in-One?

    Can you tell how good an all-in-one printer is by who made it? Based on our test results and reviews, here's the strengths and weaknesses of each brand. Epson Vs. Canon Vs. HP Printers: Who Makes the Best All-in-One? : Read more
  34. G

    Epson Expression XP-640 Review: A Budget Speed Demon

    The XP-640 offers helpful features, high-quality graphics and fast performance across the board, although text quality is less impressive. Epson Expression XP-640 Review: A Budget Speed Demon : Read more
  35. J

    Solved! How can I hook my epson projector that doesn't have a hdmi input up to a genie. Projector has an s video connection

    How can I hook my epson EX30 projector up to my genie? Projector only has an S video or audio input.
  36. 1

    Epson projector audio problem (coupled with a Bluetooth issue)

    So here's what I got... Epson 7240 Pro projector and a MacBook and a Bluetooth speaker. What I want to do... Stream Netflix on laptop and output to projector via usb or hdmi on projector But Bluetooth audio to separate speaker (cause the Epson has no audio out). Problem is, running a Apple...
  37. S

    Samsung 5.1 blue-ray DVD player home theater system and EPSON projector Audio issues

    I have Samsung 5.1 blue ray DVD player home theater system and an EPSON projector with 2 HDMI ports. I connected the IPTV box to Samsung and then to the Projector. I am facing two problems: a. I can't get the Audio/Video output from the home theater system. b. I get only Video output If I...
  38. B

    Epson projector Powerlite 1945w sound issues

    I have the Epson Powerlite 1945w projector connected wirelessly to a dell desk-top computer. The computer is hooked into a sound board. I can play music from the computer through the sound board easily, but cannot play sound (like a video) through the sound board while connected to the...
  39. S

    External audio for my projector

    Hi I have an Epson EB X31 projector with no audio jack, I want to have external speakers, how do I go about connecting them?
  40. L

    how to connect epson 3020 proketor to bose soundbar 300

    Hi, I have epson projector connected through HDMI to bluray and now trying to connect bose soundtouch 300 through HDMI. I can't seem to get audio on soundbar. Epson doesn't have optical and soundbar doesn't have component . Only option feasible to connect is through HDMI. Is it because epson...
  41. L

    Reconnecting Sony STR-DG820 to Epson Powerlite 8350

    I am trying to reconnect my Sony STR-DG820 receiver to my Epson Powerlite 8350 projector (It worked perfectly in the past until I stupidly unhooked everything). I can get audio from our DVR and PS3 through the receiver to our sound system, but cannot get video from those components through the...
  42. G

    how to get sounds from headphones with epson video projector and micca player

    I am using a Micca digital media player and flash drive for a video with an Epson EX 7230 video projector. I want to hook up headphones. We tried using the proper cable (male to female etc) but no sound comes out. Do I need to download some software? Is there another easy way to do this? I have...
  43. T

    I have a Epson projector I would like to watch live tv from ..I want to project on a backyard movie has hdmi input

    I'm in need of assistance ..I would like to connect my Epson projector to a tv so I could have the television show projected on an outdoor movie screen. I do have cable tv...Is this possible?
  44. L

    Remote that functions like the Galaxy S5 remote for projectors?

    I redently upgraded my Galaxy an iPhone and now I don't have a feature that I used a lot. Is there a physical remote i can buy that I can just point and click to use my Epson projectors.
  45. W

    Epson WF 3640 wont recognze aftermarket refillable cartridges

    Use Win 7 64 bit OS. When I attempt to print My Epson WF3640 wont print and a dialogue box comes up stating " printer can't recognize cartridges. Remove cartridges to reset." I use after market refillable 252XLcolour and 254XL black cartridges. I have to do this very regularly and even then...
  46. N

    Printing from iPhone 6

    I have Epson XP 320 that I want to print to from my iPhone 6, can I use hotspot for wifi?
  47. H

    my sony vaio gives strange colours on epson projector connected with 10m hdmi cable

    I have Sony vaio that i was connecting with my Epson video projector with 1,5 m cable and everything worked really well but when i connected it with 10m HDMI cable colours statred to be strange and there is a little greeen dots all over the screen. Is there any chance to fix this problem in...
  48. P

    Difficulty connecting laptop to EPSON Powerlite 1830 Projector

    Hi Guys! I'm having some trouble connecting my laptop to my EPSON 1830 projector. My projector only has VGA input while my laptop has only HDMI output, so I bought a HDMI/VGA converter from this link...
  49. 7

    Epson projector sony receiver issues

    Hello. I have an Epson 2030 projector, and just got a Sony str dn860 receiver. Whenever I go to use any of the WiFi features, the screen looks like 8bit graphics, through a tablecloth. I only stumbled upon this after hours of farting around with audio receiver, and changed a setting on my...
  50. C

    Connecting HD Projector, Xbox, and or Blue with an older receiver

    I have an Epson 707 Powerlite HD Projector. I like to connect a new Sony Blu Ray or an Xbox 360. All have HDMI connections but I want to use my older stereo receiver to run the audio from these devices which does not have HDMI. What do I do? What do I need?
  51. S

    how to connect a bluray home theater with epson projector and cable box?

    i have an Epson projector that i'd like to use as my tv against my white wall. I have a cable box and an All in One BluRay player with wired speakers that I'd love to connect with the Epson. I have Monster Cables, Digital Optical Audio, and HDMI as well as the ol' RCA cables. The Epson only...
  52. S

    1 vga output, 2 hdmi input

    i want to connect vga output from epson eb1430wi projector to 2 samsung UA50HU7000RXZN hdmi input... any ideas...or can you give any idea in which i want to connect the output from the above projector to input to 2 above TVs simultaneously
  53. G

    Unable to install drivers for Epson Perfection V600

    Hi, Trying to install Epson Perfection V600 Scanner, but keep getting error whan trying to install driver. Been to Epson website and downloaded most recent driver. Uninsalled old software and tried to instatll but still get error message saying driver not found. Running Windows 7 Home Premium...
  54. I

    Connecting WD Media Player to Projector and Sound

    Hi, I am connecting a WD Media Player ( to an epson projector (Epson EH TW490 HD Video Projector). I'll be connecting the two devices via a HDMI cable. I want to use speakers for the sound, what do I connect the speakers to? The...
  55. V

    Vizio soundbar connected epson projector with no receiver

    Is there a way to connect a sound bar to projector without a receiver. Vizio soundbar. No hdmi port. Epson 8350 projector. Hdmi port
  56. O

    HDMI connection between Epson projector and Inspirion laptop not allowing external Bose speaker sound

    I am trying to watch MP3 movies on a screen via Inspirion laptop connecting it to my Epson projector to project image on screen via hdmi cable. However, my Bose external speakers plugged into the audio of the laptop don't work and will only work when I pull out the hdmi cables, but then the...
  57. CherlynnLow

    Why Epson Is the Wearables Brand to Watch

    While Epson is known for printers, it's carving out a niche in the wearables space by focusing on accuracy. Why Epson Is the Wearables Brand to Watch : Read more
  58. T

    asus laptop to epson projector

    I have an asus lap top that I want to connect to and epson multi media projector,,,,, the cable I have that connects to projector is not compatable with lap top,,,,can you advise what cable I would require to allow me to use both to show power point presentaions ,,, thanx Tina
  59. C

    How do I connect a projector through HDMI and over ride the default to play the audio portion through a stereo receiver?

    I am getting audio and video through the projector. I have an Epson Home Cinema 3020 being supplied video through my Dell Laptop. I would like to connect to my Sony stereo receiver, but the default is putting audio to the projector. I do not see output from the projector, so my sense is that...
  60. S

    Charging a NiMH laptop battery dirrectly

    I have an old laptop that I wanted to mess around with, an old Epson ActionNote 650C. I got it out and decided to boot it up and try it out after inheriting it from my dad, along with a crap ton of floppy disks. Anyways, he lost the charger, and since it takes a special connection, I can't...