Having issues with my Epson 2040


Jan 15, 2013
I recently purchased an Epson PowerLite 2040 projector and have been having some issues with it. a week ago I was using it and the bulb randomly turned off, followed by a few seconds delay and the projector stopping, showing a flashing blue light on the power LED, and a flashing orange light on the lamp LED. According to the website, this means the bulb needs to be replaced, and do not use the projector unless the lamp/bulb is replaced. I called Epson and they confirmed this, mailing me a new bulb.

So, I went to install it tonight, watched a few TV shows and set up my Steam link with the projector....and the exact same issue happened with the new bulb. I plan to call them tomorrow to see if its the projector itself, but figured I would see if anyone has experience with this problem. I am running the projector from a night table with ample room around it, it does run a bit hot but I have read all projectors do. The temperature light has not been on at all. I am currently watching shows via my laptop with an HDMI cord to my sound system receiver, with another one from the receiver to the projector. With the steam link, its directly plugged into the projector, with no other connections.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Often a projector will show a lamp problems when there is a problem with the lamp ballast circuit. Should be covered by the warranty and Epson is usually good to deal with. If the projector is really new then contact the seller.