1 vga output, 2 hdmi input

Salahuddin Ayyub

Apr 23, 2015
i want to connect vga output from epson eb1430wi projector to 2 samsung UA50HU7000RXZN hdmi input... any ideas...or can you give any idea in which i want to connect the output from the above projector to input to 2 above TVs simultaneously
Most video projectors don't have outputs only inputs. You would need to use a VGA 1 in 2 out distribution amp.
The projector would connect to one output. The second would go to a VGA to HDMI converter and the converter would connect to a 1 in 2 out HDMI distribution box.
If the project does have HDMI then you can just convert VGA to HDMI and use a 1 in 3 out HDMI distribution box to feed all three screens.
There might be a single box to do all this but it probably have additional functions and cost more.
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