Finding out the differences between different Epson Projector models


Oct 29, 2017
I've got some ELPLP58 projector lamps which appear to be brand new. I'd like to buy a projector to use them in, but it seems like there are a fair few models which used this lamp.

This includes the EB-S9, EB-X9 and EB-W9 (and -S/-X/-W10 etc etc).

Does anyone know what the difference between the EB-S, EB-W and EB-X models was, and also where Powerlite and H3xx series projectors sit?

I'm trying to work out which models to look at (all second hand obviously). I'd be using my projector for a combination of watching films at home and some gaming (but it doesn't have to be 4k or ultra high res or anything - just FIFA etc). I currently have an EB-X62 which has done the job excellently but the lamp is going, and I thought that if I have these spare lamps I might as well use them.


From a gander based off a Google Search, the resolution seems to increase as you move along this line:
EB-W9 ->EB-X9 ->EB-S9 with the lowest res being 800x600 on the lowest model to 1280x800 on the EB-S9. They all pull the same power from the wall, mind you.

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