Error 1335: is corrupt while installing pinnacle 14 hd ultimate versio


Aug 29, 2010
Hi guys.. am begging you to help on this problem.. let me describe what is it...

That is- today i installed a new hard disk(250 gb) along with a existing hard disk(80 gb).. previously i used windows xp in that 80 gb hard disk.. now i formatted the OS in the 80 gb hard disk and put on windows 7 ultimate on the new hard disk(250 gb) currently am using only one OS(win 7 in the 250 gb hard drive)..

I used pinnacle studio 14 hd ultimate in that previous hard disk(80 gb with xp as OS).. it worked very very fine...

And as i formatted the os in the 80 gb completely, i installed all the programs in the new hard disk which as the OS currently. All the programs are installed perfectly... But when i install pinnacle 14 HD( same setup which i installed in the previous os) in this new hard disk the error is coming...

the error is 1335: is corrupt..

i tried this ways, but it didnt helped me...:

* Opening a dos box (Start -> Run -> cmd)

Type in
msiexec /unregister (press enter)
msiexec /regserver (press enter)

and installing the program (without firewall or virus programs turned on or running)

so pls help me.. am begging you all.. its very urgent and important.. pls help..