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  1. M

    Pinnacle studio crash on Samsung qx412

    Hi Recently I decide to produce some videos so I installed pinnacle studio 17 on my laptop ( i5 4g ram 320g had os win10 64 ) when I produce videos by photos and screen captured videos on pinnacle there is no problem but when I import videos recorded by my camera Sony nex-5r ( MP4 1080 30 frame...
  2. B

    choose a Nvidia

    Buying a laptop that I will run Pinnacle video editing software. Pinnacle states that I need a NZIDIA GeForce 6 series or higher (CUDA enabled for support). I am looking at the HP Envy 17" whick has the processor needed with an i7, but has a Nvidia 940M GPU. My question is, is this NVIDIA a 6...
  3. D

    which pinnacle studio is compatible for windows 8.1

    which pinnacle studio is compatible with windows 8.1
  4. S

    Display Adapter not approved by Pinnacle Studio Plus v11

    After successfully updating my Pinnacle Studio Plus v9.4.3 to Studio Plus v11, I was then advised by the program to run a test on the Display Adapter. My Display Adapter works fine on Studio Plus v9.4. However, when I try to display a video on Studio Plus v11 all I see are flashing colors in the...
  5. F

    Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro With Pinnacle Studio 18

    Is there someone out there using the same specs as I do. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate. I am having difficulty's with playback.
  6. C

    pinnacle studio 10 incompatible with windows 7

    I have pinnacle studio 10 but it's incompadible with windows 7 so it refuses to run...anyone any idea on how I could solve this?
  7. C

    Pinnacle Studio 18 Plus vs Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7

    I have been looking through the forums and have narrowed my choice down to these 2 video editing programs that i think would be good for me. The one that has more content like effects and other things like that would be my first choice, but i dont know if one performs better than the other...
  8. I

    Help me please about Pinnacle Studio 15

    My sound files is amr, but I already convert it to mp3. When I play it on the mp3 it's work perfectly, but why I can't edit the full audio in pinnacle studio 15?? anyone can help me? thank you very much
  9. Chuck Finley

    Left Right Center & Sub Home Theater Suggestions

    I'm looking to upgrade my left, right, and center channel speakers as well as my sub. My budget is $300 max for the subwoofer and about $500 for the left, right, and center. These are for a home theater system primarily used for movies and some games. My current setup includes: Receiver...
  10. P

    Importing not transferring data to open project Pinnacle Studio HD Version 15

    Having problems I've never had before with my Pinnacle Studio HD Version 15. Only parts of videos shot on mini dvds import and I keep getting an error popup. Video imported from tape doesn't transfer to my open project anymore and I cannot figure out why since I've done it so many times before...
  11. I

    Pinnacle Studio 17

    Hi I've just upgraded from Pinnacle Studio v14 to v17. There is an option to import older projects into the new version, however, it does so by importing the video and audio into separate timelines. Does any know how to recombine these into a single timeline? Thanks. Ian
  12. I

    pinnacle studio 15 dvd stutters, pauses, skips on play back

    useing pinnacle studio 15 i burn dvds and on play back some dvd players have problem playing pauses for few seconds. i dont know if its from my pc dvd burner or format witch you cant pick one in pinnacle studio it just dvd tap so i need help on this
  13. G

    Pinnacle Studio 17: Rotating Video from iphone

    Ok, my real problem is that I have mitigrated in a big leap from Pinnacle Studio 12 to 17! I knew how to do this in 12 but I am stuck in 17! I shot some video on my iphone 5S, and when i imported the video, it comes up upside down! Now in quicktime and other programs the video is the right away...
  14. S

    Pinnacle PCTV Studio V 5.9 Build 222

    Need full setup for Pinnacle PCTV Studio V 5.9 Build 222 My setup CD is damaged. I search on web but i didnt get full setup. Pls provide me full setup.
  15. I

    Can anyone help with Pinnacle Studio 14?

    I'm stuck and I really need some help. I'm not too sure how to word this question but I'll try to not make it confusing.. So, I'm editing a video with Pinnacle Studio 14. I have a song and I want certain things in my clips to happen within the melody of the music. I've got my clips exactly where...
  16. X

    Connecting BX5+subwoofer to pc?

    Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with this issue. A mate of mine is upgrading his home theater so he gave me this sub. I currently have the BX5's and I'm not sure how to connect both sub and the BX5's to the pc. Picture of the back of the sub = Picture of...
  17. G

    Pinnacle studio 15 Ipad video

    In Pinnacle studio 15 how to make a video for ipad? I tried MOV, MP4 and Ipod compatible but they are not recognized nor downloaded by my Ipad. Only the MOV files directly from my camera I can import and play on the Ipad
  18. K

    Pinnacle studio 9 windows 7

    Drivers for Pinnacle studio Win 7 X64
  19. hartotex

    Drivers & Firmware...etc.

    Hello, ;) :hello: Am looking for: drivers for Pinnacle Liquid Pro hardware I/O video usb ext.card... Any ideas/suggestions...out there in cyber-world ?... ;) :wahoo: -Thanx Mucho... -HartOtex- ;) :hello:
  20. hartotex

    Need drivers for Pinnacle Liquid Pro hardware I/O video usb ext.card

    Hello, Also need program software download for Pinnacle Targa 3000 + drivers...disc rec'd was damaged...(any ideas/suggestions?)...Thanx... From: HartOtex...;)
  21. C

    Why wont pinnacle studio 14 download from disk again

    hi i recently took out everything from my document file and about a week later when i click on pinnacle it it will not let me get in to it. so i put in the disk for instalation and a got a small black screen with the pinnalce sign on the top and some white outlines that never load. i tryed going...
  22. R

    Pinnacle studio 9 windows 7

    Hello, I have installed Pinnacle Studio 9.1.2 on my computer with Windows 7 64 bit but cannot get an image in the preview window. Have tried the compatibility section and running as XP SP3. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Roy
  23. B

    Cant get 1920x1080 in pinnacle studio15

    Does anyone know the settings for NVIDIA Geforce 9600 M GT to enable me to get the 1920x1080 capture to work. Its seems to be stuck at 1440x1080 whatever I do. Thanks
  24. W

    Error 1311 studio pinnacle 15 data1 cab source data missing

    Hello, error 1311 studio pinnacle 15 data1 cab source data missing. how do i solve this? please reply thanks much
  25. B

    I transferred VHS to the computer to burn on a DVD, BUT the sound is out of sync

    I'm using Pinnacle studio. I transferred VHS to the computer to burn on a DVD, BUT the sound is out of sync. Please HELP!
  26. I

    Solved! Video Editing Software - Pinnacle, CyberLink PowerDirector 9, more?

    For the past couple of years, I have been using Pinnacle Studio to do my editing (on an XP machine). Recently I finally upgraded to a Windows 7 machine, and found that my Pinnacle software was not compatible and screwed up my computer. I do quite a bit of editing, and have become pretty fed up...
  27. D

    What video card is highly recommended for Pinnacle Studio 14?

    I am constantly having problems with my program locking up and having to reboot my computer while making a video. I have a 512 mb graphics card and an 8 GB HP computer. I thought of upgrading to a 1 gb video card but noticed that Pinnacle stated that I only needed half of what I already have...
  28. P

    Video editing & blu-ray software

    I have used Pinnacle (10) software for my past home movie editing. I am moving up to a Sony HD camera and a Blu-Ray burner on a computer running Windows 7 64-bit. I am looking for thoughts on the best and easiest to use software for non-professional home movies. I hear that the new Pinnacle...
  29. B

    Error 1335: is corrupt while installing pinnacle 14 hd ultimate versio

    Hi guys.. am begging you to help on this problem.. let me describe what is it... That is- today i installed a new hard disk(250 gb) along with a existing hard disk(80 gb).. previously i used windows xp in that 80 gb hard disk.. now i formatted the OS in the 80 gb hard disk and put on...
  30. G

    Solved! Advantage Protection Plan

    Hello, I also bought the Advantge warranty from circut city for a sony 50" projection television. I bought this tv in july of 07 and in january of 2010 the lamp went, Advantage called someone to fix it after a long wait an appointment was scheduled, they showed up withe a blown lasmp came back a...
  31. T

    Windows vista compatibility issues

    help loading studio pinnacle 9
  32. L

    Pinnacle Studio 14

    Hi; If Q9300 sufficient for Pinnacle Studio 14 to edite AVCHD* 1920.
  33. V

    Pinnacle 14 and PowerPoint

    When I hyperlink a movie in PowerPoint as soon as I click to the slide Pinnacle 14 starts to open-which delays the presentation while it opens, and then it doesn't even open the movie. How do I get Pinnacle to not automatically open. By the way, the moviebbbbbbbb wasn't even created in...
  34. D

    Extended Play VHS video to DVD

    Can I copy Extended Play VHS video tape to a DVD using Pinnacle Studio v9 If so how If not what do you reccommend
  35. S

    MPEG-4 video +audio recording simultaneously.

    Hello! I am trying to record surgical procedures in the operating room. I have a pinnacle video transfer system given to me which connects via S-Video cable at the monitor in operating room (OR)to this video transfer device (VTD)VTD records the video in MPEG-4 format to the attached USB disk...
  36. brendin

    Roxio vs Nero vs Pinnacle vs Cyberlink

    Roxio Creator 2009 vs Nero 8 Ultra Edition vs Pinnacle Studio MediaSuite vs Cyberlink DVD Ultra Suite v6 Which one is best regardless of price
  37. G

    Pinnacle HD Pro Stick: Decent Hardware, Terrible Software

    Thanks for the heads up re: the PMC. I took your suggestion and have downloaded MediaPortal's version. I'll be ordering the Pro Stick next.
  38. J

    Pinnacle Studio 11 - Q6600 processor

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a computer with the Intel Q6600 processor, 2GB of RAM, Windows Vista (Home premium), 500GB HDD (7200 RPM). My question is the performance of this system in Pinnacle Studio. When I bring up the task manager, and bring up the performance tab... it shows 4...
  39. P

    Program to map Gamepad

    Im looking for sumthing other than pinnacle game profiler and total game control to map out controls to my gamepad..anything along the line of free would help alot..thanks
  40. Wonderwill

    Pinnacle 10 rocks

    I have pinnacle studio ten and it rocks! In my opinion, it beats 9 by a mile with the built in video overlays and chroma key, along with all the extra fx. My friend has 9 and it looked about the same, apart from the higher powered effects I wanted for my home movie.
  41. pat

    Pinnacle Studio 10, first impressions

    I don't know if that will interrest somebody else, but if it can help one, that's good. Thank to some contact, I just got the opportunity to try the new Studio10 from Pinnacle. I started using V.8 I got with my AIW9600xt and later, V.9 that is offered with the AIWx600. While there is reports...
  42. G

    Opinion about the Pinnacle PCTV SAT

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, I would like to know your opinion about the above DVB-S card that I want to buy mainly for broadband internet. I am favouring this one because it has RCA video and audio connectors for digitizing analogue video. Is there any...
  43. G

    Pinnacle Studio 9 Review

    Three points about your review of Pinnacle Studio 9. Stability - The big issue with Studio v8/v9 is not crashes. It's bugs, especially regarding the burning of discs. Has this improved with 9? It's too early to tell, but the signs are not encouraging. In a three-minute video, a project I...
  44. M

    ATI AIW 9600 Pro help

    Hi everybody, I hope this board can give me some hint. I just purchased a ATI AIW 9600 Pro card thinking that I can actually capture videos from my ANALOG camcorder and edit with the included Pinnacle Studio software (ATI version). After connecting the camcorder with the Imput Adapter, nothing...
  45. C

    Pinnacle ShowCenter vs Momitsu DVD-V880N

    I am looking forward to THG doing a relook at the "Pinnacle ShowCenter: Symbiosis Between PC And Hi-Fi Device" in January 2004 comparing it to the Momitsu DVD-V880N Not only will this DVD play have all the play features of its cousin DVD-V880...
  46. J

    video card or tv card?

    hi 2 all! i have an athlon 1700+ machine with 768 mb ddram, enogh harddrive space (7200 ata100), a pinnacle pctv pro tv card and a msi ti4200 vtd. i'm planing to digitilize my vhs movies. what card should i choose to capture from. both (pinnacle pctv pro and msi ti4200 vtd) are capable to...
  47. G

    NOT by my choice...

    XP was installed on an editing machine I built for someone. The machine has a Pinnacle DV500+ capture card. I can capture dv but not analog. It says it doesn't recognize the capture device. And when I DO capture's like it's not looking at the DV500. Anytime anything is selected for the...
  48. G

    capture software

    I have a Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB, and I need to capture and save (as .jpg, .bmp, etc) lots of images from a video camera. The software that came with the tunner isn't that good, and my win2000 keeps crashing. If someone could tell me ..what software can I use to capture images and avi's from...
  49. G

    Pinnacle Studio DV plug-in for Premiere

    I currently own a Pinnacle studio DV card, and I'd like to use it with Adobe Premiere. Unfortunatly, this doesn't work without some kind of plug-in. On the Pinnacle Web site, they say it can't work because Premiere doesn't support Direct show, while on the Adobe Web site they say it can work...