Dec 17, 2009
When I hyperlink a movie in PowerPoint as soon as I click to the slide Pinnacle 14 starts to open-which delays the presentation while it opens, and then it doesn't even open the movie. How do I get Pinnacle to not automatically open. By the way, the moviebbbbbbbb wasn't even created in Pinnacle-it is a wmv.


Feb 7, 2010


I might be wrong but it sounds to me like the wmv file association has been asigned to Pinnacle as default.

Go to your control panel in the start menu, double click on folder options then click on the tab that says file types then scroll down the list until you see wmv, and have a look at what program wmv`s are associated with then change to windows media player if thats what you require that file type to open with.

Hope that makes sense :??:



I've got the same problem but the coupling between programs and extentions, as suggested in the answer of rayandjoanne, seems not to be the solution for me.
Did you find another solution by now?


Feb 13, 2012

File association is as follows: mp4 and wmv are associated with microsoft media player.
Nvertheless, when i include a mp4 op wmv movie in powerpoint it askes for a studio 14 setup...

I am using windows 7 64 bit, office 2010 and studio 14.
If you just try to open a wmv, does it open in Windows Media Player normally? This is only in PowerPoint?

You probably still have registry info linking files to Pinnacle. You can uninstall Pinnacle, and then see what PowerPoint does. It may ask you to provide some info to play the files which should set things right. Then you can re-install Pinnacle and deselect the default files during setup.

It seems you can also embed the videos in the presentation

How to play a video file within a PowerPoint presentation?

To play a video file within a PowerPoint presentation:

Select Movies and Sounds from the Insert option in the main menu.
Select the "Movie from File..." sub menu option.
Browse to select the video file that you wish to insert into your presentation slide and click OK.
You may now decide if the movie will start immediately when the slide is displayed or if the movie will start when you click it.

The Movie will appear on the slide without a controller bar.