Question How to disable VLC using facial recognition to unpause videos?

Jan 2, 2023
Hello everyone,

Pretty much what the title says.

I just recently got a Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 (Windows 11) and am pretty satisfied with it, but I realized today that, while playing a movie on VLC, the laptop would automatically unpause the video when I would sit back in front of it.

Whilst it's kinda cool as a functionality and I get the logic behind it, it's actually really annoying in reality, because it does it even if VLC isn't full-screened or if it is straight up minimized, which makes no sense imo. So you barely have time to sit down properly, and the movie would start again while you're not even looking at it since there are like 3 windows in front of it.

So, I fumbled a bit around the settings, but couldn't find where this is coming from, or even if this is specific to VLC or not. Got any help?

Thanks, have a great evening!