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  1. M

    PowerPoint Slideshow on TV with no USB port

    I need to run a PowerPoint presentation on loop on an older (2010) dumb TV with no USB ports but with hdmi ports. To complicate matters further, there is no WiFi in this location. Aside from converting to dvd, what are some low cost options? Thanks!
  2. U

    How to make a video from PowerPoint presentation

    I have made a presentation in PowerPoint with Slides and I have also created a video in export option in the menu but whenever i try to open that saved video files it wont work. I also want to add some background audio to the video as well I am trying this process in [questionable link...
  3. V

    Powerpoint templates download

    Do you use templates for Powerpoint? Where I can find good examples to start?
  4. S

    Slow start for all programs

    Every time I open a program, Word, mail, browser, powerpoint etc, it take around 5 minutes before the program open. When the program is first open, there is no longer problems. Then I can open other files in the same program, fx Word, in 1 second. Ram use is only 25%. Its a HP ENVY dv7. Do...
  5. D

    A desktop for a small space

    I am wondering if the HP z2 mini will work well for academic work such as word, PowerPoint, Excel in a Microsoft Office package. I am only skilled at using a desktop not at the jargon
  6. S

    How can use microsoft office (word, exel, onenote, and powerpoint are enough for me) freely.

    I have laptop which had preinstalled windows10. Previously exel, word, onenote and power point, these were preinstalled and i was unable to activate that but i could use them. But after replaceing hdd at service center, they have installed windows 10, becouse my backup of preinstalled os has...
  7. J

    Laptop Purchase Decision

    hi everyone, i am a BBA student. i am looking forward to purchasing a new laptop to do all my university report work (MS office, Powerpoint, Excel) sometimes Adobe illustrator and other such softwares. Apart from that i will always be using it for browsing the net and watching a few movies now...
  8. O

    Solved! Is 4gb ram enough for Internet browsing , Office applications ( word , powerpoint ,excel ... ) , youtube

    Hi , I want to buy laptop for college use ( internet browsing , writing on word , powerpoint , youtubes ... ) I found one is good for me but it come with 2 configurations first one ram 4gb for 450$ second one is ram 8gb for 550$ Do I really need to pay 100 $ more for extra 4 gb rams ? according...
  9. R

    I need to buy a laptop that works well for powerpoint, presentations and university workload. Can anyone recommmend a laptop f

    Need a laptop for powerpoint presentations & course work etc. No need for gaming. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you
  10. E

    What computer hardware is most important for running advanced PowerPoint presentations?

    I'm trying to build two computers specifically for giving PowerPoint presentations. These files often times are presented on very high resolution screens (4680 x 1080 for my next one). They also oven have very large image files that animate around the screen, or dozens of smaller animations...
  11. chilly601

    Lost Microsoft Office (word, Excel, Powerpoint

    Recently refreshed my laptop to get internet working and it got rid of office so now i cant open any of my documents which i kinda need for my upcoming exams, please help genius's!
  12. T

    Best budget work/college laptop (£100)

    Hello, I'm looking for a budget laptop that can get me through word/powerpoint documents and browse the internet (wiki/youtube/facebook) without causing too much of a headache. I know it will be nothing flash I know my budgets low. Used isn't a problem as long as it isnt broken Windows 7 is the...
  13. T

    Layout disappearing in Powerpoint 2013

    Hi, I've created a presentation with Powerpoint 2013, and also designed some Layouts. They all work fine, up until page 20~ (don't know why). Everytime I load the presentation, the layouts on the pages disappear! I have to click on the 'Reset' button in order for them to appear. And even if I...
  14. teflonfrog

    Best laptop for $100, $200, $300.

    Hi. I am looking for laptops for: $100: Just to see if this is possible $200: Basics (school work, Word, PowerPoint, YouTube) $300: Basics + Extremely light gaming (LoL, MineCraft, etc) I want to stay away from Chromebooks since I read that they can't get Word, which is a must for my school...
  15. T

    Need cheap laptop for school

    Just need a cheap laptop for school purposes, run Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.. Minor surfing, although it should be able to handle 1080P quality, because I do have a few classes involving videos, and I need clear quality, but it doesn't need to be something ridiculous like 4K res or...
  16. N

    Powerpoint Video question . Please read asap!

    Hello A friend is Trying to make a powerpoint presentation and has it all done. But he has a video from his iPhone (format is .MOV) he needs to put in there. I'm helping him. When I put it there, it is sideways. I need to make the video upright. I made the presentation in PP 2007 but can't seem...
  17. L

    powerpoint 2016 says destination location no longer available when converting to MP4

    After powerpoint processes the conversion error message "could not be uploaded because destination location is no longer available do want to save to another" but destination is still there as I saved it like it asked me to before the "create video" processed. Only a yes or no is available so I...
  18. H

    How can I use powerpoint presentations (loaded on USB drive) on HDTV

    I want to mount an HDTV in my lobby and "stream" notices and announcements without using a computer connection. I intend to use a USB thumb drive as the source for the files. thanks
  19. XGamer_BiH

    PowerPoint Hyperlink over GMail

    Hello everyone, I need someone to tell me, how am I able to add a hyperlink into PowerPoint 2016, and send it over email on GMail?
  20. M

    Audio buzzing when open a powerpoint

    I'm trying to find a solution for this. Whenever i plug any windows laptop to play any video, it's ok BUT the moment i open up a powerpoint, there will be a buzzing sound emitting.Even if i minimize the pp, the buzz will still be there but minimal. Is it has something to do with the audio cable...
  21. J

    I was doing a reset on my grandmas laptop it's a Toshiba satellite D50C unfortunately my kids turned off the PowerPoint and i

    I was doing a reset on my grandmas laptop it's a Toshiba satellite D50C unfortunately my kids turned off the PowerPoint now it's just saying diagnosing your PC and preparing automatic repair that's it over and over again please help
  22. G

    do you know any effect for PowerPoint that can do the following?

    I have this idea: put a circle, a huge one with the slide title on the center, and than add an effect to make it smaller and at the same time make it slide to the top of the slide (so that I can insert a graph or text below it). is there any effect on PP or some effect I can download so that I...
  23. T

    Best deal for refurbished laptop? (Listed in thread)

    I'm looking for a productivity device that can handle Photoshop CS3 (5 at best) or CC at most. If not, PowerPoint will suffice on a very very strict budget (student lol) Here are the ones that they have that fit my budget (only until $160) IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Dell Vostro A90 Dell D630 Dell...
  24. B

    Old Laptop as picture/weboage viewer?

    Sorry for not being very clear in the question, I don't know exactly how to state it. Anyways I was wondering if this would be a good practical idea. I have an old Inspiron 2600 with 128mb ram. 20gb harddisk. (Can use usb as storage) They keyboard is shot along with the screen cable. Would it be...
  25. D

    PowerPoint can't reaad *.ppt

    One of our clients has a problem to open a PowerPoint file with PowerPoint can't read *.ppt. I think the file is damaged. How do you recover it?
  26. D

    I I'm going to a collage And I need a laptop recommendation

    Hello and good day. I'm going to a new college, I'm in my third year as a university student and I need help for a laptop. What I'm asking for are suggestions. The Purpose will be to use daily on my university not gaming. What I'm looking for: good built quality (something solid, I would...
  27. My Life Is Tech

    Please Help: Microsoft Office 95 Professional 7.0b Update

    Does anyone here know where I can find the 7.0b update/ISO for Office 95 Professional? And if you have the update/ISO yourself, would it be possible to upload it temporarily so I can download it? Any help will be appreciated, please reply soon, thank you.
  28. My Life Is Tech

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Office 95/97 Year 2000 Fix/Update

    Does anyone have the year 2000 update files for Microsoft Office 95/97? Their names are as follows: 1. o95y2k.exe 2. o97dtfix.exe If anyone here has these files could you please point me somewhere where I can download them, or could you possibly upload your files somewhere so I can download...
  29. C

    Corrupt Pptx files. Need to repair them. Please help!

    Hey guys, there is big mess over here. Here I quote: I made some presentation files for promoting our new business. I showed them to my boss. She was quite happy with my work and asked me to send them to our clients. Next day I sent them to all our clients. In the evening time boss got some...
  30. A

    problem to install office 2010 on windos8

    While I m trying to install office 2010 many errors occurring. Sometimes it shows word file MSI supported.some time it shows PowerPoint MSI file missing ,sometimes it shows exel MSI missed ...... Please help me to install the office2010.. What to do????
  31. R

    when you try to open it with 2010 = says corrupt, tries to repair and failes

    Have a ppt powerpoint that was created in 2010. User grabbed an older powerpoint created in 2003 most likely to use the master slides or something. So they added about 70slides and saved it all the time in 2010. when you try to open it with 2010 = says corrupt, tries to repair and failes. I...
  32. J

    16 gb RAM, i7, 2 TB harddrive vs 8gb ssd 1tb harddrive i7

    I open 40-50 tabs at the same time generally for research and have 10-15 word documents and similar number of powerpoint documents open at once. Have a fast internet connection but want to be able to open internet pages quickly and leave open tabs and click on them a day or two later and open...
  33. P

    powerpoint slide effect

    Currently using PowerPoint 2007. Is there a way to have the slides move to the left when advancing so the effect is that the next slides are on the right. Much thanks for an informed reply.
  34. D

    I don't know what laptop to get. Please help

    so I am getting a laptop soon and I am not sure which one to get... I need it mainly for school work also to study -powerpoint presentations, microsoft excel, word etc- it has to have smooth performance. I'll also use it to surf the internet of course. it doesn't have to have a touch screen...
  35. C

    How to repair PowerPoint file

    My sister is school teacher and she had created a brilliant presentation. She moved the presentation into a removable drive without creating a backup. When she tried to open the presentation, PowerPoint says file is corrupt or in different file format. Any ideas gratefully accepted!!
  36. R

    Which version of Microsoft Office should I get?

    Hey, I'm going to buy Microsoft Office for my new computer at Christmas, but I'm not sure which version to buy. It's for one pc, and word, powerpoint and excel are all necessities. There's quite a difference in price (around £25) between Office 365 which is for 1 year, and 2013 Home and Student...
  37. R

    Can´t run Office programs

    Suddenly I can't run Office programs on my Windows 7 machine. There's a message that says "Not enough memory or system resources to run PowerPoint [Winword, Excel...]. This happened just today after more than a year running Office 2013. What can the problem be?
  38. A

    can ONLY Intel HD GPU handle Powerpoint animations?

    Can a laptop without a dedicated graphics Memory( lenovo Flex2(14") with 1080p display) handle the PowerPoint animations, like very fast motion animations, very smoothly? Without any glitch?
  39. nazareneisrael

    PowerPoint projector with internal scaling to accept 1920 x 1080 HDMI signal?

    Is there a good PowerPoint projector with internal scaling that can accept a 1920 x 1080 HDMI signal? It does not need to be 1920 x 1080, it just needs to accept a 1920 x 1080 signal without force-resizing my laptop screen. Budget is not unlimited. I need to hook it up to some other HDMI...
  40. A

    open office - pros and cons

    I just found out about open office and am considering downloading it. Up until now, I've used Microsoft and would need to have all my old Word and Powerpoint files converted. How easy is this to do? I'd love to hear more about experiences using open office and what I might need to be aware of...
  41. T

    Cannot Activate Office Timeline for PowerPoint

    I recently installed the Office Timeline Powerpoint 2010 add-in. As expected it prompted me to enter my serial key on first run. I did, and clicked the check box (several times) waiting for something to happen. After some time I determined there was an issue so I restarted Powerpoint and that...
  42. F

    Unable to load a pptx file

    Hi, i need to open a .pptx file and i just cant figure out how to open it. I know that it is a 2007 powerpoint but i dont have any program to load it correctly. One fact is that this powerpoint has been openend on a Mac but not sure it has been created on a mac. Anyways... if you can help me...
  43. E

    Ms Word - print Slides

    what i have done is merged several slides into one (which is around 520 slides) . Then i have Handout to Ms - Word file . but now i want to take printouts of all and want around 4 slides in one (so as to minimise pages required) page with readable text . How to arrange these slides in one Ms-...
  44. D

    Microsoft Office Licensing Agreement Issue

    I had bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro a couple of months ago and the screen had cracked when I had opened it on the day I received it. I had installed Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition on to it before it had cracked, however. I received a replacement with the same Office loaded on to it...
  45. L

    Tiny letters appear on printout

    My canon printer (MP628) is printing letters that I didn't type. In one Powerpoint document (Microsoft office 2011), many c appear while in another an n appears. I have tried cleaning the printer but it still doesn't work.
  46. N

    I'm looking to buy a laptop for 350 and under that will run minecraft and PowerPoint and word

    Need help because I'm envies ting 350 need my money's worth
  47. J

    Using projector without a computer for presentations

    Hello pals, I need a projector/beamer for making PowerPoint presentations without a PC. I have chosen 2 Benq models with this feature by their specifications. Their price range is about 600 USD / 400 GBP. The models are: mx661 mx618st I have been told that PC-less mode is problematic and it...
  48. P

    PDF converter to PPTX or PDF (powerpoint)

    Hello, Can anyone tell me which software are the best for converting PDF to powerpoint.. I would like the software to be free and (no adware, viruses, or such thing) as possible.. Thank you.. I have been researching to find software that can do the conversion. i can't find any good and don't...
  49. U

    Sub 500 dollar laptop recommendations?

    Hello, im looking to gift a laptop to my girlfriend who will solely use it for inter web browsing and the occasional school projects on word or powerpoint. Do any of you have decent recomendations for any laptops? The things i am mainly looking for is decent battery life, relatively light, good...
  50. viveknayyar007

    Print Settings Are Lost in MS PowerPoint 2013

    When MS PowerPoint 2013 is installed on a computer, it is configured to use the most recent print settings that you configure while printing the presentations as a hard copy. This is the default configuration that has been added to the program in order to save your time that you would otherwise...
  51. viveknayyar007

    MS PowerPoint 2013 Moves to Previous Slide When Right-Clicked During Slideshow

    As per the MS PowerPoint default configuration, every time right mouse button is pressed during the slideshow, a context menu is displayed using which you can take appropriate actions when the slideshow is in process. If you are not able to see the context menu, and the slideshow moves to the...
  52. viveknayyar007

    Modify Record, Pause, and Stop Hotkeys for Camtasia Add-in in MS PowerPoint

    With the help of Camtasia Studio 8.1 application, the capabilities of MS PowerPoint can be extended. This is done through an add-in that is automatically installed during the installation process of the Camtasia Studio 8.1. After the Installation, the add-in is automatically integrated with MS...
  53. viveknayyar007

    I Don’t Want System Audio to Be Recorded in MS PowerPoint

    Although MS PowerPoint is a full-fledged presentation program that is installed along with the MS Office 2013, it is also capable of recording the audio signals with the help of Camtasia add-in that is automatically integrated with the program as soon as the Camtasia program is installed on the...
  54. viveknayyar007

    I Don’t Want My Camtasia to Interact with PowerPoint

    Some recent versions of Camtasia application are fully compatible with the MS PowerPoint. With the help of this compatibility, any PowerPoint presentation, which may also contain simple or complex animations, can easily be recorded from within itself in order to create a full-fledged movie file...
  55. viveknayyar007

    I Don’t Want Black Slide at the End of MS PowerPoint 2013 Slideshow

    When you create a PowerPoint presentation in any of the MS PowerPoint versions, you can easily switch between the slides by using the arrow keys when you use the program in normal mode. After completing your presentation creation process, when you start the PowerPoint presentation and when the...
  56. viveknayyar007

    I Cannot Search MS PowerPoint 2013 Templates and Themes Online. The Search Field Is Disabled.

    When you install MS Office 2013 on your computer, and MS PowerPoint 2013 is installed along with the package itself, the program allows you to search for and download the latest templates and themes from the Internet. You can search for the templates and themes from within the MS PowerPoint 2013...
  57. viveknayyar007

    I Cannot Save MS PowerPoint 2013 Presentation in 97-2003 Compatible Format

    With the release of MS PowerPoint 2007, the default extension of the PowerPoint presentations changed from PPT to PPTX. All the files that have PPTX extension can be opened easily in any MS PowerPoint 2007 or above versions of the program. Because of the advanced features and the extended file...
  58. viveknayyar007

    Creating MP4 Files from PPT or PPTX

    The new version of MS PowerPoint allows its users to create MP4 files from the PowerPoint presentations that they create. The benefit of preparing an MP4 file from PowerPoint is that the MP4 file cannot be tampered with, and neither can it be modified as is the case with other PowerPoint...
  59. viveknayyar007

    Add Watermark While Recording Videos in MS PowerPoint

    In MS PowerPoint, every time a presentation is prepared, you can easily add the watermarks to your creations using the program’s built-in feature. With the help of watermarks, you can somehow put your stamp on the prepared presentation which further means that your production will have your...
  60. F

    opening a locally saved Powerpoint slideshow in a web browser's kiosk mode

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with opening a locally saved powerpoint file in Chrome (preferably) or any other browser that will work. I got to the point where I can run the browser in kiosk mode, tried with Internet Explorer and Chrome but when I try to load up the local...