Cannot Activate Office Timeline for PowerPoint


Aug 11, 2011
I recently installed the Office Timeline Powerpoint 2010 add-in. As expected it prompted me to enter my serial key on first run. I did, and clicked the check box (several times) waiting for something to happen. After some time I determined there was an issue so I restarted Powerpoint and that prompt did not come back. Does that mean it's registered? I don't see any indication that it is. I went to File -> Help, clicked options in the Timeline ribbon, clicked help in the TL ribbon, reinstalled TL, checked Control Panel "Change" option, etc. There is no way to enter the product key or view registration status at all! Can someone help me?

Microsoft says I can perform a manual activation but I do not see the activate button in the Timeline section of the Timeline ribbon, and attempting to reveal it in the ribbon customization dialog shows it is grayed out and cannot be added.