What computer hardware is most important for running advanced PowerPoint presentations?


Feb 20, 2017
I'm trying to build two computers specifically for giving PowerPoint presentations. These files often times are presented on very high resolution screens (4680 x 1080 for my next one). They also oven have very large image files that animate around the screen, or dozens of smaller animations happening simultaneously.
Mid-range computers with quad-core processors and decent dedicated graphics cards running these presentations often experience judder, animation skips, or other on-screen issues, which is why I'm trying to decide what parts need the biggest investment.
I have a decent budget, but it's not unlimited. I'm trying to figure out if PowerPoint is GPU heavy, CPU heavy, somewhere in the middle, if RAM is an important player, or if it depends on the presentation.
Does anyone know what part(s) would be most important to upgrade if I only have the budget for one or two upgrades? Links to sources are appreciated if available!