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  1. C

    Powerpoint Slides not showing correctly

    In Powerpoint 2010, a coworker accessed a file from a shared (mapped) drive from our server. This morning it was perfect, everything showed exactly how it should have. Sometime during the day it changed. Whenever he accesses the file now, the formatting is all different. The fonts are not...
  2. fchung0712

    Can I add new 2010 powerpoint transitions to 2008 powerpoint? (mac os x)

    I noticed that in powerpoint 2008, there are very few transitions, so I was wondering, can I add any of the new transitions from 2010 to 2008? I am using a late 2012 iMac running OS X 10.8.5 mountain lion, if that helps. If you try to help me, thank you so much! :D
  3. R

    Shortcut icons change when moved

    I have made a PowerPoint using PP2003 and used the Package for CD utility to make a folder that I can distribute. I wanted to make a shortcut directly to the PowerPoint Show and give it a custom icon that I made. But, whenever I move the folder to some other computer, the icon changes to the...
  4. E

    run powerpoint viewer on Android

    I made lots of powerpoint slides which are currently being launched by a vb menu on windows os. All slides are running through a powerpoint viewer. I need to run these slides on tablets. Do anyone know how to do this.. I also need to protect these slides on the tablets Thanks soooo much for your...
  5. R

    PowerPoint Video Problems

    I have Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (on a Windows computer). I need to play a video on a certain slide, and it is a .wmv. The problem is, whenever I go to the slide where the video is (embedded by, Insert→Movies and Sounds→Movie From File), it takes 10-15 seconds to play, which is unsatisfactory...
  6. The Stealthinator

    What are OLE Action Verbs?

    What are OLE Action verbs in powerpoint? How does one use them?
  7. S

    Charitable organizations that give away laptops

    Friends of Kids with Cancer www.friendsofkids.com is asking for a working laptop hopefully loaded with PowerPoint. Picture presentation would be made to show our 501 c 3, BBB Accredited charity to potential donors and fund raising events.
  8. edmond419

    Presenting a slideshow

    Hi all I'd like to have some advice on what software is there (preferably free if possible but still give suggestions if no free software is available), on presenting slideshows. The slideshow I want to present is simply some photos and videos, perhaps some text as well (presenting a company's...
  9. V

    Good laptops for gaming under 400

    What is a good laptop that can play mine craft and other games and has powerpoint, word, etc. $400 is my budget.
  10. K

    Looking for a cheap laptop around $500-$600

    Hello, I wanted to look for a laptop with a price range around $500-$600 will be use mostly with a office spreadsheets and some powerpoint must also have a decent videocard for HD movies =)
  11. L

    Transfer word documents to galaxy tab

    Hello, i need to transfer some of my word, excel and powerpoint files to galaxy tab...how do i do that?
  12. B

    Solved! Small laptop for powerpoint

    Trying to help my sister in law with a laptop purchase for her work. Looking both for any good deals but also general specs for primarily being able to run Powerpoint or equivalent application smoothly in a teaching environment. So is i3/i5 good enough, how much RAM would you suggest. Do I...
  13. M

    Why does my Powerpoint recorded audio have a lot of hiss?

    I've recorded an audio to my Powerpoint presentation. I've used 2 different mikes. In each case, the audio is full of background hissing. Any ideas? Thanks. Michael
  14. R

    Solved! I can project powerpoint but nothing esle from my laptop

    my acer apspire 9402 projects powerpoint with no problems, but when I try to project other programs -- no go. I have used other computers with the projector with no problems. Is this a driver probelm?
  15. techy_06

    VBA PowerPoint 2003 Presentation, Close and Re-Open

    Hey Everyone, I have a PowerPoint presentation that runs on various screens throughout the office. This presentation gets data from a database and displays all of the day's events... I need to find a way to: 1) Stop the presentation on the hour every hour, then exit without saving 2) Re-open...
  16. mariaponce


    Hi my name is maria ponce im currantly in collage. i decided to take computer tech,in computer assable i was asked to do a powerpoint presentation base on troubleshooting. onestly i have no clue on troubleshooting is there any one that can help me understand what to do or where do i begin
  17. F

    Can I just buy excel and word?

    I never use other function like powerpoint in office..
  18. S

    Help with Buying Laptops

    I need to buy a laptop but want to spend the money on the right on! I use my laptop for PowerPoint presentations with video inserted into them. I need a really great video card and lots of memory. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks!! sturner stevegionette@cox.net
  19. G

    Cheap, portable laptop for powerpoint presentations

    Hello y'all, Was wondering if you kind people could give me some help? I'm looking for the smallest, lightest, cheapest laptop/netbook able to connect to a projector and run a Powerpoint 2007 presentation with videos. Here's the FAQ answers to give you guys more of an idea: 1. What is your...
  20. I

    [help]:Presenter View on 3 displays (2 audience screens) - PowerPoint

    Hi everyone Using windows PowerPoint 2010. Iam having a hard time to use the presenter view on 3 displays. Powerpoint has only an option of choosing 1 display to show slide show on. Is there a way to have the presenter view on the laptop and the slides on two more audience displays/screens...
  21. G

    Solved! What happens if a power cord sparks at me

    Hello, my power cord has just spaked at me when i tried to plug my laptop charger in to a powerpoint. is it safe to turn the powerpint off and then plug it in a little more?? because when i plugged it in the powerpint was still on. HELP!
  22. U


    Good Day everyone, I need urgent help; I want to convert PowerPoint slide shows to Play on Windows Media Player… My dad is turning 50 in a week and my sister made Slide Shows of the past and I got all our old videos but now I have to play the videos (on media player) and the slide shows(on...
  23. S

    Powerpoint to Multiple computers

    At work, I am trying to setup a powerpoint presentation that can be changed on a server and automatically updated to the other computer's that are running it. We have a sharepoint server if that helps. The setup is that we have a few TV's throughout the plant that we would like to run a...
  24. exfileme

    Microsoft Office Web Apps Officially Launched

    Now you can do Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote online while storing your documents in the cloud. Groovy. Microsoft Office Web Apps Officially Launched : Read more
  25. S

    Can you view powerpoint slides and word docs if you don't have office?

    Dumb question, but can someone that doesn't have microsoft office view powerpoint, word, excel files? If they can't what would be a free remedy to this? Would open office allow a person to view ms office files? Thanks
  26. P

    Microsoft office Powerpoint isn't cutting it any more.

    So I had Office 2010 since the tech-preview and.. It's amazing in everything it added on 2007 BUT disappointing in everything it has from 2007! I have tried Softmaker's office (I am speaking specificaly about Powerpoint and its counterpart here) and It's much more difficult to use (I like the...
  27. V

    Pinnacle 14 and PowerPoint

    When I hyperlink a movie in PowerPoint as soon as I click to the slide Pinnacle 14 starts to open-which delays the presentation while it opens, and then it doesn't even open the movie. How do I get Pinnacle to not automatically open. By the way, the moviebbbbbbbb wasn't even created in...
  28. twisted politiks

    Drop shadows with powerpoint pc to powerpoint mac

    anybody else having problems when they open either a pc version of powerpoint in macs powerpoint, or visa versa, causing the drop shadows to turn white? this is when i open a powerpoint 2007 on mac or a powerpoint 2008 on a pc.
  29. K

    How to convert powerpoint to pdf for free

    We may need to convert Powerpoint to PDF format in our office sometimes. What do you think is the best way to convert? Of course you can convert your Powerpoint to PDF online. But don’t think it is time-consuming and may results failure especially when you have a comparative large file...
  30. exfileme

    Warning: Hackers Attacking Via PowerPoint

    Microsoft issued a security advisory yesterday saying that hackers are now attacking through an unpatched flaw in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Warning: Hackers Attacking Via PowerPoint : Read more
  31. G

    Georgia High Schools To Replace Boring PowerPoint Presentations With Snazzy IPod

    Aiken (GA) - Seven high schools in the Aiken Georgia area will get 40 new iPod Touch devices to help teach history and other subjects. Georgia High Schools To Replace Boring PowerPoint Presentations With Snazzy IPods : Read more
  32. G

    FBI Concerned About Chinese Counterfeiting Cisco Routers

    Washington DC - An unclassified government PowerPoint presentation documenting Chinese counterfeiting of Cisco routers has been published on the net. FBI Concerned About Chinese Counterfeiting Cisco Routers : Read more
  33. gbp007

    my powerpoint icon is blank

    I have office 2007 installed on vista and everytime i right click and choose new and choose microsoft office powerpoint presentation i get a blank powerpoint icon but that doesnt happen with word or excel and every other office 2007 application..Even when im usng the powerpoint application and i...
  34. Henrik

    PowerPoint: Countdown timer between 'onclick' animations

    I would like to have a countdown timer on a (one) slide that will display the time left on a particular group custom animations. For example: I create 200 custom animations on one slide. These are in 4 different onclick groups (1,2,3,4). When running the slide show I click once for the first...
  35. G

    Powerpoint on PPC

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Where can I find a Powerpoint version that will run under PPC2003 please. Mainly for display to screen on an IPAQ4150 but would also be interested in possible add ons to connect to video projector Thanks Rob M
  36. G

    Nextel Powerpoint Presentation???

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.nextel (More info?) A while back someone posted a Nextel PowerPoint presentation that profiled the future phones that Nextel will be rolling out later this year. Does anyone have that file anymore? I lost mine with my PC crashed. Thanks, Isotope19
  37. X

    Power Point 2000 error message.

    I cann't insert movies in in any slide show in PowerPoint 2000. Whenever I try to do so I get the error message, <b>"Power Point could not insert a movie from the selected file. Either the file is non-standard or Quick Time is not installed properly."</b> I have installed Quicktime but of no...
  38. G

    how can i view powerpoint files (.ppt) without app

    my teacher posts the notes to class on the web to download. the problem is they are powerpoint files (.ppt). how can i view them if i don't have powerpoint? i NEED these notes for tommorrow :( any help is appreciated thanks