Corrupt Pptx files. Need to repair them. Please help!

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Jun 26, 2015
Hey guys, there is big mess over here.
Here I quote: I made some presentation files for promoting our new business. I showed them to my boss. She was quite happy with my work and asked me to send them to our clients. Next day I sent them to all our clients. In the evening time boss got some mails from those clients that the files are not opening. So she asked me to make them again.
I have no more time and it is certainly impossible to make those files again but there must be a solution for this situation. Please help. Your help will be surely appreciated.
Who said they're corrupt? Maybe it was only people who didn't have the right version of MS Office who jumped to the conclusion your file was corrupt. If they double clicked on your e-mail attachment and didn't have Office of LibreOffiice, the file would fial to open so they assumed it was the file's fault.

Ask one of the recipients before making new files.
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