Powerpoint Video question . Please read asap!


Sep 4, 2011
A friend is Trying to make a powerpoint presentation and has it all done. But he has a video from his iPhone (format is .MOV) he needs to put in there. I'm helping him. When I put it there, it is sideways. I need to make the video upright. I made the presentation in PP 2007 but can't seem to rotate it. The video appears normal on the phone and on the computer itself, it's only in PP.

Converted the video from .MOV to .AVI and it when it inserted, it appeared normal. But then once I email it to my friend for him, when he opened it, it would only appear as a picture and would not payback. I don't think the video attachment went through when I emailed it. As the file was over 35MB.

Tried signing up for a free trial of office 365 or 2016 whichever it is. I read somewhere that the ol 07 version didn't support certain things. Put in the original video format (.MOV) and there was no audio. So even on the new office I"m unable to get this the way it needs to be. Read a lot about embedding but what is that? Just need to put it in a presentation and then upload it to my class so they can view.

This presentation needs to be emailed. It also needs to be uploaded (it is for an online course). If I have to convert the video my concern is the size and uploading. There has to be a simple way to make a PP presentation and insert a video from your phone in it. It can't be that complicated. Please help.