Sub 500 dollar laptop recommendations?


Mar 8, 2013
Hello, im looking to gift a laptop to my girlfriend who will solely use it for inter web browsing and the occasional school projects on word or powerpoint. Do any of you have decent recomendations for any laptops? The things i am mainly looking for is decent battery life, relatively light, good keyboard, touch and windows 8, decent display. I have a bias towards lenovo since i own a Yoga 13 and everything on it is great. So my first option is

A lenovo ideapad 14 inch. A6-5200 CPU, 5 hour battery life, 4.6 lbs, touch display and windows 8 for 370 bucks. What i was thinking was buying this one and adding a ssd to it. Im worried the cpu is kind of weak but its cheap enough to where i can add a ssd and still come under 500 bucks. the i3 laptops seem to offer more power but they all seem to only come with 4 hours battery life and a bit heavy, ad a bit pricey. any recommendations. Under 5 lbs, touch, reliable, keyboard, decent battery life? im having a tough time.