Essential Phone Drops to $299 on Amazon

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Apr 13, 2018
As been said, it is $399. That is $100 off and a great deal on a great phone. Buy a cover for it. The glass does break if it is dropped and Essential does not cover it under warranty and you cannot buy Essential's extended warranty unless you buy it from them and get the warranty at the time of purchase.

The same cover Essential sells can be found on Amazon here. It is clear and doesn't hide all the beauty of the phone, just the feel of the ceramic back.

Based on reviews the Square Trade 2 year warranty which covers drops, spills, etc. is the best choice and can be found here on Amazon.
(You still pay a deductible of $99 though, unlike Essentials warranty which has no deductible)

So the choice is to pay $200 more to buy it from Essential and get their extended warranty to cover drops, etc. Essentials limited warranty does not cover the glass. I found out the hard way. So buy the cover!

Some people complain the black back get finger smudges and always needs wiping. I got the white-backed one. Not an issue. Plus. in a dark club, I can set the phone face down and see the white so I don't walk away and forget it.

Hope that helps!

Not open for further replies.