Exclusive: Amazon Offering Gift Cards to Data Breach Victims

Nov 30, 2018
Is a true fact I was personally affected by the hacking of eBay and Amazon apparently I have purchased something from a unauthorized account and it cost the whole big ruckus they got into my system and all of my information and I've been on the phone for hours on end trying to take care of this because Google stepped in and close down my account and reopened it under something else and now I have all my money and all my personal information on this other account with everybody and no one is willing to offer me anything and I had money already in the accounts they're not even offering to give me that back because they don't know how I was on the phone for 7 hours 5 different customer service reps and I find to I had to go to bed it was 4 in the morning I've been dealing with it all day I would call back tomorrow and I'm still not anywhere further with any of them I wish I would been offered something at least we're sorry this happened I even made a comment to the customer service lady at eBay I said something is suspicious here and I asked you to put a note on my account within 12 hours I was hacked my account took control of my phone everything and I sent emails to all the prices and get no response no acknowledgement that what this is personally caused the damage is caused to me and yet they're giving money to somebody else unfair