External Speakers Plugged into Monitor - No Sound


Aug 18, 2017
I have a pair of speakers plugged into my monitor and there is no sound coming from them.

My laptop is in a docking station which is on a stationary table
My speakers and monitors are on a sit/stand desk
One monitor is connected to the laptop docking station via HDMI cable
One monitor is connected to the laptop docking station via VGA cable
The speakers are connected to the monitor with the 3.5 audio jack (green) and USB for charging
The speaker volume is turned up and monitor is selected in the control panel

Any suggestions on how to send sound through monitors to speakers?

I truly believe you're playing with the HDMI-connected monitor, and that your laptop' default playback device is set to that monitor.

Does your monitor has separate 3.5mm audio input? Does it has its own speakers? Do your speakers work when plugged into eg your phone?
YOu did not answer my other question - are these speakers powered?
Your monitor' headphones connector is designed to drive headphones. If this works, then you will need to check your speakers and their amplifier - that's why I've asked whether these speakers work with eg smartphone / tablet