Question Facebook Account Hacked, security code used too many times?

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Aug 13, 2021
My husband FB page was hacked, as I see so many threads. The hacker changed his email, and somehow linked his phone number to my FB account? Although, when I view my profile, I see my phone number. Crazy stuff... We were able to create an alternate email address, but it is shown with the hackers email. However we are still able to get the recovery code to our new email. The issue is when we get to entering the recovery code, it says we have tried too many times and to try again later.
I looked that up.... and 24 hours seemed to be recommended. It has been two days, and yet it still says we have tried too many times. FB has no emails, no phone numbers, I have spent three days researching and trying every which way. I wonder if when the code is sent to our new email, it also copies the hackers email.... if there lies the problem?
My husband has had this account since facebook was became FB.

Any ideas on how to be able to enter the recovery security code?
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Aug 24, 2021
Hi Victoria,

Have you had any luck with this as I've experienced exactly the same! It's infuriating! Like you say I've been able to add my email address to the account but the hackers also remains on it so I've no way of knowing whether the password reset code is going to them as well as me. I tried to enter the code last night but it said I'd done it too many times so I've waited until this morning but it still says the same thing.

It's really stressful - thinking of the potential lost memories and the a*sehole that hacked it in the first place. If you've had any luck over the past few days can you let me know.

Facebook really need to get a grip of this - now I'm seeing the organisation in a completely different light.

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