Facebook moving friends into like without converting personal profile


Mar 24, 2014
I dont know if it possible, But my profile currently have around 3000 friends, im planning to make a fanpage for business related things, I know you can convert a personal page into a fan page, what im looking for is transferring my friends into likes on the new business page without losing the personal profile


Mar 24, 2014
Ya I figure as much, then again given that you have the choice to convert a personal page into a "fanpage" and converting friends into like , i wanted a way to do it without losing the personal profile.

On the other hand what you said also make sense, my particulars reason is that while I have a personal facebook, I became a sort of public figure, and you may understand that I want to keep the public and private separately.



Then create a new page. Your private friends should number much less than the 3000 you say you currently have.
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