Family's first Smart TV - Parental control question


Feb 1, 2016
Hi all -- We are considering the Sharp Aquos 43" Roku TV but we are concerned that the kids (13 and 11) will have unsupervised access to the connected features while home alone.
I believe you can set a PIN to prevent them from adding apps or channels, but would this also work -- just disconnecting from the wireless network when we're not around? I'm thinking that re-connecting would require our wi-fi network password (which they don't know) but I may be wrong on that. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


Jan 21, 2016

Check out the following page in relation to the setting of a PIN:

Not sure if it would be exactly the same as you have not provided an exact model number but even if not it would more than likely be very similar in it's setup.

There may be a disconnect option in the settings but then every device can be different. Therefore, I would expect that some devices would have the ability to remember the password if there happens to be a disconnect option so what happens if, for example, an adventurous 13 year old decides they would like to play with every setting and turn it back on?

The other option I guess, and as you have mentioned it would require re-entering the Wi-Fi password which is fine if only the elder powers that be know it, would be to Backspace the password field in the settings of the device until it's empty (just in case a possible disconnect option retains the password in memory).

Unless the kids are keen to try out a possible 5040 PIN combinations (with a PIN that can be changed at intervals) then I reckon your safe, but experiment when you get the device and see if in fact it does retain the Wi-Fi password in memory - if so, the Backspacing the password out and saving an empty field option is the go if a) it makes you feel more secure and b) if only the "oldies" know the password.

Hope this helps.