Solved! Faulty HDMI ports on Sony XBR75X850E (2017 model LED)

Jul 5, 2019
In the past few days the HDMI ports 2, 3 and 4 have slowly appeared to die on my Sony XBR75X850E (2017 model 75" LED) It started with port 2, which failed to see the signal from my PC. I then tried running another device through the port and got signal, but the picture turned on and off and sound was distorted. The next day HDMI 3 stopped working as well, and I am now only able to get a consistent signal through HDMI 1. I've tried several devices through each port, using different cables with each.

I tried powering off the TV and kept it unplugged for five minutes -- did not help.

Do you think the main board needs to be replaced? This is no longer under warranty, so I'd likely be doing it myself.

The board where the HDMI connections are soldered to should be faulty. Replacing it might help.

Resoldering IC pins and HDMI ports might help as well