Fiio or Audioengine DAC?


Sep 12, 2013
Been looking into getting a Digital analog converter for my desktop and wanted to know which of these brands to go with and how good the audio quality is. I am new to this and wanted to take my audio quality to the next level. I was thinking either this one

or this

I both game and listen to music.
Thanks in advance.


the fiio e10 isnt terrible really but its not worth close to $200.

for the price the ae d1 is pretty good but its amp is abit underpowered for heavy headphones like the dt990pro 250. for most headphones its more than enough.

a much better solution would be the schiit modi + magni combination (or modi + vali if you prefer tube amps). that combo can drive headphones fine.


no. that cable would not work at all. a dac like the ones you're looking at would be for audio output only not mic input.

for the pc350 the amount you're thinking of spending on a dac amp is a bit much.

you would probably be better served by something like the creative z soundcard (or external soundcard if you have a laptop). that would give you better mic and headphone connections and give you virtual surround. you wont get that with a normal dac.
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