Flickering laptop screen


Sep 28, 2016
Hi, I got a pretty new small laptop and it worked fine and all until it didn't.. I turned on my laptop as usual but the screen was flickering horizontal lines across the screen and the longer I left it open, the splotched and greyer the screen got. I restarted it, shut it down, etc etc until I gave up (for about 5 min, set it aside for about 45 min, then tried again for another 10 min) but then because I had some documents that weren't saved on any other computer I had, I tried to rush and connect online to send myself those documents.

Once I did get online, the flickering slowed and the screen only flickered horizontal lines once every half minute. Once I sent myself the docs, it stopped so I restarted the laptop and now it works just like before.

My question is: do I need to worry about it anymore or is everything good?