Solved! Flickering problem with TV screen & A/V amp

Dec 17, 2019

First of all forgive my bad english.

Here's my problem...

I have a A/V 5.1 amp - Yamaha RX550A which is 4K capable passthrough, HDPC2.2 etc. It has a TV-OUT HDMI.
I'm connecting the A/V to TV (an LG SK8100) with HDMI cable.
When i'm watching Netflix from native TV app, or a movie/series through external usb disk connected to TV, 5.1 channel works just fine!

So: IF i connect a PS4 (which is 5.1 capable) OR a PC, OR any other source at HDMI IN of my A/V, and play a game for example, i have "flickering" at TV. Somehow the signal passing through A/V comes and goes.

IF i connect PS4, PC straight at TV, TV doesn't send 5.1 to A/V but only 2.0

Y.G. all HDMI's are top quality, i've tried short/long length etc.

Any advice ?
If you can try a different TV I would do that but I would say that the problem is the HDMI switching in the AVR. That's a pretty common failure. Hope it's under warranty.
I would suggest you use United Radio in Syracuse NY. There are very good.