Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, computer detected interface (Mac and PC) but absolutely no audio (in/out)


Feb 28, 2016
Bought the device third party (eBay) and have successfully used the interface to record several sessions with great sounding audio. I have recently purchased another microphone, and once I plugged it in, the interface reset and the USB light started blinking.

I disconnected the Scarlett and let it sit for a minute or two. I then reconnected it to my Mac and was immediately horrified to discover I have no audio. I swapped ports and tried an entirely different PC, removed and reinstalled drivers with no luck. The device is recognized but no audio (w/ Phantom & without).

When the Scarlett starts up now (as soon as it is plugged in via USB) I get a set of two short orange LED halos around the both gains, I am assuming is potentially an error code of sorts.

I have not dealt with Focusrite support, and I am not sure how they deal with out of warranty support or the cost, so I am a little scared. Any help is much appreciated it, anyone experience this before?
Did you try the orignal microphone again?

That said: with regards to Focusrite, you do not need to deal with them immediately.

But you can visit their website and check their Answer Base.

See if you can find any trouble shooting codes that explain the "two short orange (LED) halos".

Or look for the user guide/manual to see if that contains an explanation.

Plus google "Scarlett 2i2" and see what you can learn about the product from other sources and sites.

Once you have a better idea of what the problem may be and how it may be repairable then contact Focusrite.

According to their website they have live chat.

Probably no warranty but you may be able to identify a specific, known fixable problem. Implementation process and costs TBD.