Follow up to hard drive problem

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CheezWiz wrote:

> Your speedstream is the router in your situation. On some ISP's, the modem
> acts as a bridge simply passing traffic to the MAC Address plugged into the
> modem (Which gets the on network IP address), there were/are ISP's who make
> you call if you plug in another device to the modem. At one point, our local
> cable company wanted to charge anyone who used a router extra dough for
> multiple connections. This Mac Address cloning feature was to get around
> that.

No, the Router says "D-LINK" upon it. The Speedstream is just a modem

The Speedstream sees only the router, The router then Routes (Amazing
how it does that) the traffic to one of the computers connected to it
weather it be plugged in or not (it's a wireless router) or to the
switch, from which the router routes it to still more devices, I
currently have 5 things plugged in and will soon go to six (when I get
around to running the cable).. Or perhaps I'll move the switch and
simplify the cabeling (it would be much simpler)

But the router is very clearly the D-link, the modem was set up for one
and only one computer

Now, where I work we have a combined DSL modem/router, 4 LAN ports and
one "phone" port (The dsl side of the phone filter) That one is
different, and Since I can't "Get into" it (do not have the password)
there is not much I can tell you about it. I know the DSL here is set
up with four static addresses and the technician told me we could add
something like 252 more if we wished
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