Forget Galaxy 24 Ultra — all I want is a mini version of Samsung’s upcoming flagship

Dec 8, 2023
100% agree. I have had various Samsung Ultra models and the Pixel Pros. This year I had enough of tablet in my pocket monstrosities and went with the regular S23 and absolutely loved having a pocketable reasonably sized device! Then summer/fall concert season was upon us... I was closer to the stage but getting far worse pictures with the regular S23 vs the Ultra in years prior. At that moment the call of the Ultra was upon me and I picked up the S23 Ultra to once again weild the power of camera phone supremacy. Then once again I am annoyed on a daily basis how ridiculous the size of this thing is. What jacket pocket does it go in? Can I sit down with it in my front pocket? Can I even reasonably attempt to use it one handed? I miss the days when Sony had their compact series that were fully powered, for the time, in a nice tiny package. I can live without the stylus.