Forget Marvel — these are the Disney Plus movies you should really watch


Dec 15, 2016
Nah ever since they censored Splash and God knows what else for no reason... I refuse.

I saw that movie on TV when I was like 5 and it had the butt scene in it... So they block that but didn't block 85% of X-Men the last stand?

I'm kidding... I only wish that was still the worst superhero movie. At least that one made sense. Ever seen multiverse of madness? Apparently they wrote a script in 2 weeks and then COVID hit and instead of using that time to write and improve it they just tossed it out when they got back and made it up on the fly.

The worst part is it's written by a guy who wrote on rick & morty so he should understand dimensions... Plus he wrote the Loki series so based on his own rules created in that movie nothing in multivitamins of madness make sense. He confuses universe and timelines and dimensions and forgot about variants and choices making infinite timelines via choices they made

Now ITS the worst because 98% of it is nonsense and they STILL (even in cast interviews) justify what Wanda did in Wandavision?! Seriously marvel what happened? It was never the best writing ever but things made logical sense.