Forget self-driving cars — CES 2024 showed us how AI will truly benefit drivers


Nov 22, 2016
The only good thing that AI can do, is stop people who think they are somehow privileged, and don't have to obey the traffic laws, from putting the rest of us in danger. 90 in a 55? Not anymore, you don't. Like to run red lights? Not if the car locks up the brakes until the light changes. Ran through the toll booth without paying? You'll be sitting by the side of the road until the police arrive, when the car pulls itself over and shuts off. No more hit and runs, or leaving the scene of an accident, either. The car will detect an impact, and shut itself down before you get very far.
Jan 15, 2024
Hey Toms Guide - how about a shoutout to BlackBerry QNX the RTOS beneath MB.OS and VW.OS allowing all these great things to happen. Whether it's AI usage for system controls or ADAS systems QNX is the RTOS keeping them all running safely and securely. QNX had some huge CES announcements with QNX 8 and IVY