News Forget the Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 16 Pro — a true camera phone revolution is coming

Aug 16, 2018
"True to life colors" aren't the pinnacle of great photography/videography, I wish people would stop using "true colors" as something of a high metric to acheive.

Yes, obviously you don't want your colors to be putrid, especially the skin tones, but the rest is arbitrary if you're trying to capture a narrative, and relative to the narrative you're trying to tell.

Take any blockbuster movie from the past to current, you will see that colors are NOT "true to life", rather stylized to enhance a told narrative. The reality is true to life colors are generally dull and muted. There's nothing wrong with dialing in a little more saturation and contrast to enhance what is there as a baseline. This is not "cheating". There's no cheating in storytelling, There's just the craft of illusion.