Four webcams with network - which is best?


Oct 3, 2006
Hello. We've got quite a bit of an issue with thieft at my place of work, and my boss has asked me to find some solution. Well I thought of videotaping the places most vulnearable, and came to the conclusion that I know a hell of a lot more about overclocking than I do about video stuff. Some quick research told me that out of those cameras I could find in the danish 'pricegrabber' these four are the most likely choices.
Is there a good reason not to pick one of these? Are some better than others? The ip300 is by far the cheapest, so I wouldn't expect that to be the best. Personally I like the axis best, cause it seems to comply with the broadest set of standards - but the panasonic is less intimidating and may fit better into the enviroment. In any event, I know very little about cameras. I just know that those cmos ones I've seen in the past are too slow for proper video.
My plan would be to use the cameras indoor, attached to a network plug and via some software (that I hope comes with the camera) record video (when movement occurs, and preferably based on a schedule so I can omid times when it'd be illigal to record). The software would in all probability run on a virtual win 2003 server on an esx attached to a san.

The list:
TRENDnet TV IP301 Advanced Day/Night Internet Camera Server with Audio
Panasonic BB-HCM311CE
AXIS Network Camera 210

Link for scandinavians:

I hope someone can help me pick the best, or perhaps even a different camera that I didn't consider due to my ignorance or a rediculous pricetag.


Mar 17, 2006
What you need is CCTV surveillance system. DVR (Digital Video Recorder) System, It might be over your budget but you can also buy just the card and camera + accessories to install it.

This is mainly for video signal and no audio. But there is other component where you can add audio signal.

Some States, Country, Province has law about videotaping public area so check you area, and if audio recording is allowed. And check policy if you have to warn you fellow employee before installing surveillance or you or your company can get sued.

There’s a company in England called Wavelet and ask information on what you need. Expensive stuff, I buy equipment from them.
There are other company like microjack that sells these cards and cameras.

The product you mention are promising but I haven’t installed any of that kind, for video, you should use 480 resolution or higher if viewing on computer monitor otherwise images are unsatisfactory. But that just me, some people can get away with lower res as long as your shot is close enough for recognition.

Check for CCTV Camera and Surveillance System site for information.
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