Frame rate loss after "fix"


Nov 8, 2016
Today I got my laptop computer back from a pc specialist because I couldn't boot from my hard drive so I had it looked into. Before it failed I had gotten 144 frames all the time when I got t back he said he just mirrored my drive and put it back with a fresh copy of windows and it booted fine yes it boots fine but now when I play league I get 50 fps and 20 in intense team fights. I haven't really tried anything but I know it doesn't get warm anymore and it used to before the fix
It is possible he replaced more than the drive. If he replaced the motherboard and/or the graphics card/GPU, then it is possible that the one you had, vs the one you have now, are very different. If the old one was causing overheating due to being 'to much' for your laptop, it is possible they replaced it with one that is less taxing on the device.

I would check with them and ask exactly what was repaired/replaced.