How To FREE Subwoofers

Jan 9, 2020
I do not know a lot of audio and subwoofers. I only that I know is I love subwoofers and BASS. I got 3 free subwoofers. 1 of them I can plug my phone into for audio but it only plays Bass. (
). 2nd one I do not have the soundbar so I can not do anything with it. ( Finally, the 3rd one I have not yet found a way to use it. I do not have a power cable or anything just the subwoofer for this one. (
). What do you think I should do?
The Bose woofer won't work without the main unit that came with the system. The one in the video sounds blown.
The Samsung sub seems like it's bluetooth but you probably can't pair it with anything but a compatible Samsung product.
Fortunately you have one subwoofer that works. Now all you need is a pair of powered speakers to use with it. Connect both the sats and sub in parallel to the same source. Adjust the level of the sub to match the satellites and adjust the volume with your source. If your PC has a sub out you can connect it there and the sats to the stereo output.
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