Function key swap software/utility


Sep 17, 2012
I purchased an HP m6-1035DX laptop.
The keyboards function keys were automatically set up to work as the media keys, which I loved, until I played some games.
In games, It simply does the same as in windows, mute, volume control, screen brightness and the such.
I already know how to swap the key function in the bios, which I did. Problem is, it becomes tedious to shut down the computer, go into the bios, swap the function keys so I can change things while I work. Then, when I play a game, restart the computer, and so on and so forth.

I am NOT asking about how to swap it in the bios, as I just explained in the context above. What I am looking for, is a small piece of software or utility to swap the function keys activity in windows. The best example of what I need is something offered on dell laptops. They have a function key swap in the windows mobility center. As I tried to download and install the dell software, it obviously wouldn't allow me to considering it's for dell computers.

I enjoy going through my music collection as I work, I do not want to return it and buy a dell because I love the layout, features, and price of my HP. Even though I dislike HP, this one suited my needs to the fullest without breaking the bank.

An answer of, return it and buy a dell will be ignored. I would love to buy a dell, so don't be that person.

I have searched forums, software websites, and many sources and cannot find such a simple utility. Simply irritating.