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    ASUSFn key is always on. How to turn it off?

    Hi, I'm using ASUS N43SL laptop (Windows 10). Currently, I can control the volume by just pressing F11 / F12 (no need Fn). And, the "c", "v", & "spacebar" are not working. Plus, the arrow keys only can be used for media playing. I wish to get back the default setting. Below are the steps that...
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    Solved! Media keys stopped working (require fn key now)

    Media keys not working unless you press fn key (normally i would just press the desired media key), I want to be able to use media keys without fn key combo. I have an HP x2 detachable with windows 10.
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    Solved! Acer N15V2 loop not loading

    Hi I have an Acer N15V2 laptop. My daughter was trying to reset computer and turned it off by mistake. Now it comes on in a loop Acer explore screen then it goes blank and continues in this loop. I have tried function keys 2-10, holding power button down, ctrl alt del, and unplugging the...
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    My keyboard is acting weirdly.

    First of all . I bought this keyboard like one month ago. First 2 week i didn't have any issues , but for a some time it start doing weird commands and stuff. Like switching wasd keys with arrow keys, reverting Caps lock , and by that i mean when it's on it writes with small letter and when it's...
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    Wrong keys typing

    My keyboard is typing the wrong keys when I press them on my Hp Spectre Laptop(Windows 10.) Is there any way this can be fixed? I already tried changing the keyboard language and restarting the computer but that did not solve the issue. Someone suggested doing a System Restore but I don't know...
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    What are the function keys

    Id like to know what eachnof the function keys does
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    Backlit keyboard not working properly

    The function to activate the backlights of my keyboard doesn't work as it should. Sometimes I manage to turn the lights on, but this is only possible in the first 5 seconds after Windows started up (and thus the first seconds I can see my desktop). After around 5 seconds, there is no turning...
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    Solved! Gigabyte Smart Manager not working (Aero 15X)

    Gigabyte Smart Manager appears to be running but only partially works. For example I can use the volume function keys but not the brightness, fan or touchpad-lock function keys. When I run it the GIGABYTE OSDV3 process appears but i cannot open the Smart Manager windows anymore. When i force...
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    Huawei Laptop Function keys not working

    Recently i formatted my Huawei HZ-W29 multiple times. After that the Fn key stopped working with the F keys for brightnes, sound etc. I searched and all i found is possibly the drivers or Services could have been setup incorrectly after format. Sadly, all solutions i found were for Samsung and...
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    Function keys not working

    I have HP Envy windows10, Function keys stopped working, I checked Bios they are enabled. Any help, please? it's really annoying. Thanks in advance Nonia
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    Fn keybind oob toggle WTF

    the settings oob are smart settings. if i want to adjust my brightness, i will. what i really want is my function keys. this will be a warrenty return in 45 days unless someone can tell me how to toggle this crap. lenovo can't. i restate Lenovo, the manufacturers of this thing, the v110, can not...
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    Solved! Keyboard Can't press multiple keys when key z is included

    Hi Guys so a week ago I asked about why my laptop can't press more than 2 keys and I thought it was just the way the keyboard was designed and it seems that I can press multiple keys at once except when the key 'z' is one of the key pressed. then i can only press 2 keys. And in one of the game I...
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    Down arrow does not work on brand new laptop

    I have a one year old Lenovo Ideapad 100. Its running on Windows 10 and the computer looks brand new. The thing is, the down arrow stopped working a few months after buying the laptop last year. I called their techsupport but they won't help without keeping the computer with them for at least...
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    Issues With Laptop

    Hey i have some problems with my asus laptop after i formatting it then i couldent access to the steam key or the to function keys for turning my keyboard light on an off and i couldent lock my keypad on and off what to do???
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    Problems With Default Function Key Setting

    On my Toshiba Satellite laptop I want to have my function keys to control volume, brightness, etc. by default (no fn key required). I can't see any function lock and changing the UEFI firmware settings did nothing. Got any ideas on how to fix it?
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    where are the function keys on my HP laptop?

    I'm looking for function keys so that I can use it on shortcuts and commands.
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    Some Keys Of My Laptop Suddenly STOPPED WORKING. PLs HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    So yesterday night everything was fine but today after coming from school i turned on my laptop. II found some keys of the keyboard are not working. The keys are Esc. F1, F3, F5, F7, F8,F12 (dont know about F10), [ , 0, Left Ctrl and some else i dont know. Some keys like Caps Lock , Num 0, Num...
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    Printscreen Keys Failure

    Please my "FN"+ "PRTSC" = printscreen has stopped working.
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    Function Key Reversed

    My function keys are reversed to what they had been. I now have to press the "FN" key for e.g. the volume keys to work. I have searched the net for solutions and none have worked. I'm using Windows 10 on a Kira Ultrabook 13 i7
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    can not restore

    my daughter accidently restored my gateway NE56R and I can not do any thing with it, I get the black gateway screen and no function keys work
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    Dell Inspirion laptop will not allow the use of function keys at boot

    upon boot sequence I can not get past the password screen and the I cannot access F12 to change the boot sequence. Any advice?
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    Keyboard mixed function keys mishap

    Asus EeePc Intel Celeron the keys are numeric instead of alphabet like U-4 I=5 O=6 J=1 K=2 L=3 M=0
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    Acer Aspire V5-132 function key is stuck, cannot use standard F1-F12 mode, Fn+Num Lock does not work

    I have been using my Acer Aspire V5-132 for more than a year and it works fine. A few days ago, the function key seem to have been locked. I cannot use the standard F1-F12. Tried accessing BIOS, and found out there is no option to change the function key mode in BIOS. Also tried Fn+Num Lock and...
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    Touchpad cant be enabled

    I was given a Toshiba Tecra for work together with a Logitech Mouse. I am used to using the touchpad so started working with the touchpad and didnt connect the mouse. All worked fine. Later I connected the mouse but now that I want to go back to working with the touchpad I cant. I have taken...
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    TOSHIBA Function Key not all working

    Function keys in my Toshiba Satellite P55W-C5204 are not working, after I made a factory reset (but without deleting my files) Before that I could use all of them, combined with FN. Now, the keyboard does not lighten up, when I press FN+Z, or I cannot mute my laptop by pressing F11 etc. After...
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    Cant Figure Out How To Unlock Fn

    I just purchased a new Asus computer and it is great so far except for the fact that I have to hold down the Fn key to easily adjust my brightness or volume. I want or Unlock/Lock the fn key so I don't need to hold it down but I can't find the key which is usually on the escape button.
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    Touch Pad Issues While In Minecraft

    my son can't get his touchpad to work. As he is walking forward, he can't turn around while playing in Minecraft. I checked the setting which they are fine. I am not sure if its the touchpad or minecraft. any advice?
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    HotKeys/F1-F12 Function setting not staying set

    Hi. I need use of my F1-F12 keys at all times when working. Every time I shut down/restart I need to go into Lenovo settings, Function Keys and click from HotKeys to F1-F12. However, tonight I did this and the F1-F12 function key setting is not staying/working. I've restarted, shut down...
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    Function key behaving strangely

    I recently updated to windows 10 and since then to use the alternate functions of the f keys, I need to hold fn, press the key, then release fn. It makes adjusting my volume and brightness a very painstaking process. (I used to be able to hold fn and volume up to raise the volume all the way)...
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    Asus Laptop keyboard help

    my Asus N551JW's backlit keyboard only works on bootup, the function keys are all working the backlighting on the keyboard just wont work. any way to fix?
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    Function Keys not working... Seriously need help.

    Well, I've tried from A-Z trying to go about my Toshiba Satellite P 50-B1468 and I have come to a conclusion that none of the answers I've been searching tirelessly have worked. Well it does work when i press Fn+F1 or F2 as an example but i don't want to use it like that because it is extremely...
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    Solved! Cannot Type "@" Symbol With My Keyboard

    I can't type the symbol "@" using shift + 2. Why is this? Please help me solve this problem.
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    HP Laptop keyboard not working!

    Hi, I have a HP G6 2313AX laptop which is nearly 3 yrs old. All of a sudden, my keyboard doesn’t seem to work. The thing is that the function keys (f1,f2,...) all those seem to work fine. It’s the alphabets & number keys. • When I press hard on the keyboard, it starts working for a few mins. •...
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    Asus zenbook UX305 sound not working after speaker unplugged

    Hi I bought a new ASUS zenbok UX305 and sound works fine with speaker plugged in but once removed it doesn't automatically switch back to laptop sound no matter what I do. Only thing that resets it is to plug in headphones and remove. Also the sound is very low on the laptop in general...
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    Function keys for keyboard backlight

    Hi, I recently purchased an asus laptop, the model number is K501LX-EB71. The issue I am having is with the back-light function keys. The FN F3 keys is supposed to dim the brightness on the keyboard while the FN F4 key is supposed to brightness the keys. Instead the FN F4 key launches a tab in...
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    How to use function keys on a non-functional keyboard?

    I have a Gateway NV55S07u. After a failed keyboard replacement, many of the keys no longer work, including all twelve F keys. The mouse trackpad works but it's locked by the function key that locks the trackpad. So my question is, how can I activate the function keys via software? Thanks.
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    function keys not working

    so only the the brightness and black out function keys work but not the volume function keys or anything else i have tried to go through the control panel to fix this but it has no options for the function keys. I was just wandering what to do about this because i do use these keys very often...
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    Asus laptop - Can I disable the keyboard backlight without using the function keys?

    I'm aware that using the Fn+F3 shortcut lowers the backlight, but my F3 key actually no longer works. It's not a driver issue, it's legitimately broken. I'll replace the keyboard when I have the money, but for now I'd just like to turn the backlight off. Any way to do that through software or am...
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    Dimmer settings BIOS NP4705R3 - ATIV Book 4

    I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my machine (NP4705R3 or ATIV Book 4) - everything works great, even function keys except the screen dims when running on battery. I've tried every Ubuntu solution there is. The problem is that I don't see any screen/video dimmer functions in the BIOS settings. Any...
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    Laptop Function Keys Reversed

    I have a toshiba c55 laptop with windows 8.1 and after a recent update the Function keys appear to be reversed. In the past I would press the volume up button and the volume would increase, but now I have to hold the FN key to do so. It only seems to be getting worse with time... now when I...
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    Unable to install wireless adapter in my new OS because the F2 key(toggle key for wifi) is broken?

    I just install windows 7 on my laptop acer aspire one. The problem is that, i am unable to install the driver for my wireless adapter because it is disabled and the toggle Fn key is broken (F2). Now, how can i unable the wifi without using the fn+f2 key? Help please.
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    brightness in lenovo g 500

    function keys to increase/decrease brightness isn't working in lenovo g500 after a cleaup. what drivers are required for my laptop.
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    Help, cannot get the @ button to work on our office Asus laptop. What function keys do we use?

    Feeling dumb please help I normally work on an apple mac home and office and the office laptop is a Asus. We need to type @ and have tried all the obvious keys to get the "2" to an @ but without success. Please solve for us. Thanks.
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    Function keys to connect to wireless from laptop

    I have lost connection to Internet from my laptop and do not know function key to connect to wireless.
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    Laptop screen won't turn on, but works with external monitor.

    Hello, my laptop screen won't display anything. It boots up and displays perfectly through an hdmi and my T.V.. I can't adjust my screen brightness either, nothing comes up when I use the brightness function keys, the other function keys work fine. I went to device manager and everything under...
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    My son's laptop won't start up, the Shift+F8 keys r unresponsive & even though I have a Win 8 installation disc I can't boot u

    The function keys are unresponsive on a Windows 8 laptop. Yes I'm holding the Fn key.My son's laptop won't start up, the Shift+F8 keys are unresponsive & even though I have a Win 8 installation disc I can't boot up from it. Also can't get into Bios with F12. I've even tried the unplug everything...
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    FN Keys Problem

    My function keys follow the usual F1 F2 functions, but I need to be able to use the function keys to do the special mode such as volume. I changed the option under system settings to special key mode, but it still doesn't work.
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    What do the function keys mean on Dell Latitude E6230?

    I checked all the manuals, and online ... to no avail. Thanks!
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    How do I change the Function keys to primary keys not secondary?

    I want to change the function keys on my Acer E1-571 so that they are the primary buttons not the secondary buttons
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    Lenovo T500 Fn buttons not working and weird issue with blank screen on startup

    Hi again, after my tos satellite decided not to turn on anymore ( I borrowed an old-ish Lenovo T500 with no OS and non functional CD drive. I installed win 7 64bit through a usb stick, installed all the...
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    How to REALLY enter setup on ASUS K75DE?

    I really have no idea what's going on here. I have an ASUS K75DE and both official manual and the official site says the Setup key is F2, however no matter how fast I smash the key constantly, nothing happens. I even did that process with "Fn" key pressed and again, nothing. What's going on here?
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    enable t430 function keys

    ThinkPad T430 Function F1, F2, F3, F5, F6, F10, F11 and F12 do not work, neither does the black ThinkVantage key
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    tried changin my OS to win 7 ulti it wiped out all my drivers which one should i install thr are so many drivers in the site!!

    i tried to change from win7 HB to win7 Ultimate 64bit, now downloading drivers r very confusing there are so many drivers, after this formating the menu that appears when we use the special function keys does not appear anymore. PLZ help without the menu dono whether am turning on bluetooth r...
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    my w ,s, Z, x key not working

    my w ,s, Z, x key not working but sometimes they working properly. I tried to clean , but it not helped. please help me!!!
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    High contrast issue.

    my laptop's screen brightness and contrast has been increased and its being difficult to use it due to high contrast. I've tried decreasing the brightness by using function keys but its still higher than usual.. is it any hardware problem? my system is 'Acer 5738'.
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    What do all the function keys on my dell latitude D600 do

    After using the FN keys, we can longer use the touchpad but only the eraser in thr middle of the keyboard. How do I undo? Dell Latitude notebook. E6420
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    Dell latitude keyboard function keys

    Hello, what do all the function keys on my dell latitude c800 do?
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    Function keys how to turn off?

    Hello, i get numbers when i try to type these keys: u,i,o,p,;,l,k,j,m,./
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    Samsung np300v 5 aua function keys wont work

    i originally installed linux on it, than restored windows 7 with linux dual boot my scrolling/function keys do not work! i installed every driver i saw on the main site but no avail!
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    Inspiron 1545 Keyboard function keys

    I can't get the volume keys to work on the function keys (numbers F7, F8, F9). I changed something in my settings. How do I get this function back.